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Number of visits: 212235

Sunday, September 27

17:00 - 20:00

Monday, September 28

07:30 - 08:30

08:30 - 09:00
Opening Ceremony
Room: Auditorium
Chair: to be confirmed
09:00 - 10:30
Plenary Lecture I
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Peter Wriggers

Contributions and limitations of the Non Smooth Contact Dynamics for the simulation of dense granular systems
P. Alart*

The amazing simulation powers of particles and what we can/not do with them
P. Koumoutsakos*

Real-time micro-modelling of a million pedestrians
R. Löhner*

10:30 - 11:00
Coffee break

11:00 - 13:00
IS-Applications of the Particle Finite Element Method in Multi-physics Problems I
Invited Session organized by Sergio Idelsohn and Eugenio Oñate
Room: VS208
Chair: Sergio Idelsohn

The Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM) in thermo-mechanical problems
J.M. Carbonell*, A. Franci and E. Oñate

Modelling and simulation of counter blow and final blow processes in bottle manufacturing
P.B. Ryzhakov*, J. García-Espinosa and E. Oñate

Unified stabilized formulation for thermally coupled fluid-structure interaction problems using the PFEM
A. Franci*, E. Oñate and J.M.  Carbonell

A PFEM solution when a high froude number viscous flow past a circular cylinder
L.M. González* and J.M. Giménez

Application of the PFEM/X-IVAS method to sea-keeping problems
P. Nadukandi*, J. García-Espinosa and B. Servan-Camas

A local XFEM method for the simulation of multi-fluid flows using the Particle Level Set method
K. Kamran*, R. Rossi and E. Oñate

IS-Advanced Particle Methods for Continuum Mechanics
Invited Session organized by Seiichi Koshizuka, Seiya Hagihara and Minoru Shirazaki
Room: VS217
Chair: Seiya Hagihara
Co-Chair: Seiichi Koshizuka

Development of a Deaeration model for stirred tank analysis in Moving Particle Simulation method
S. Koshizuka*, S. Kaito, Y. Kikuchi, M. Kujime, Y. Ishiba and A. Horiguchi

Elastic-plastic smoothed particle hydrodynamics method for fluid-structure interaction analysis
S. Hagihara*, T. Shirahama, S. Taketomi, Y. Tadano and S. Tanaka

Numerical analysis of anisotropic high viscosity fluid for press molding of carbon fiber reinforced thermo plastic
R. Shino*, T. Tamai, S. Koshizuka, A. Maki and T. Ishikawa

Simulation of passive scalar transport using hybrid grid-particle method with improved particle shifting approach
T. Matsunaga*, K. Shibata, K. Murotani and S. Koshizuka

Conservative particle system
T. Tamai* and S. Koshizuka

Real-time sampling of particle-based data for surface extraction
F. Hu*, K. Murotani and S. Koshizuka

IS-Discrete Modeling in Cell and Tissue Mechanobiology I
Invited Session organized by Jose Manuel Garcia-Aznar, Herman Ramon, Paul Van Liederkeke and Roger Kamm
Room: VS218
Chair: Jose Manuel Garcia-Aznar
Co-Chair: Herman Ramon

Modeling and simulation of the dynamics of epithelial/endothelial monolayers
I.D. González-Valverde* and J.M. García-Aznar

Modelling approaches on cellular and tissue levels: plasticity of cancer cell motility and mechanical regulation of morphogenesis
M. Tozluoglu*, Y. Mao, P.A. Bates and E. Sahai

Dynamic simulation of in vitro micro-tissue formation using a particle-based deformable cell model
B. Smeets*, J. Leijten, T. Odenthal, L. Teixeira, F. Luyten, H. Van Oosterwyck and H. Ramon

Coupling of a cell migration model with an (N)SPH substrate to investigate dynamic generation of cellular tractions
T. Odenthal*, T. Heck, B. Smeets, P. Van Liedekerke, H. Ramon and H.  Van Oosterwyck

IS-Fracture and Fragmentation with DEM I
Invited Session organized by Falk Wittel and Ferenc Kun
Room: VS219
Chair: Falk Wittel

Energy dependence in the fragmentation of heterogeneous materials
G. Pál*, I. Varga and F. Kun

Modeling fracture and fragmentation of sea ice by means of a discrete-element bonded-particle model
A. Herman*

Discrete element modelling of rupture cascades during compressive failure of heterogeneous solids
F. Kun*, I. Varga, S. Lennartz-Sassinek and I.G. Main

Representation of bulk and surface crushing phenomenon in DEM model of railway ballast
R. Dubina* and J. Eliáš

An important role of elastic vortices in unsteady propagation of longitudinal shear cracks in brittle materials
E.V. Shilko*, S.G. Psakhie and V.L. Popov

Fluctuating band model
J. Török* and S. Lévay

IS-From Discrete Particles to Continuum Models of Granular Mechanics: Elasticity and Wave Propagation I
Invited Session organized by Ken Kamrin and Vanessa Magnanimo
Room: VS213
Chair: Ken Kamrin
Co-Chair: Vanessa Magnanimo

Impact and dynamic jamming in dense suspensions of particles
I.R. Peters, E. Han, S. Majumdar, S.R. Waitukaitis and H.M. Jaeger*

The effect of the stress path on maximum shear stiffness of granular packing at micro and macroscopic levels
M. Goudarzy, V. Magnanimo*, D. König and T. Schanz

Nonlinear shear wave propagation in a fragile granular medium
J. Brum, J-L. Gennisson, A. Tourin, M. Fink, M. Tanter and X. Jia*

Enhanced micropolar theory for wave propagation in granular materials
A.  Merkel*, V. Magnanimo and S. Luding

Bio-medical Engineering MoM06
Room: VS214
Chair: Jiun-Shyan Chen

A particle dynamics model of cell-cell rotation and morphological behavior
F.Y. Leong*

Simulation of magnetic particles in blood flow to improve failsafe particle detection of microspheres based detoxification system
M. Gusenbauer*, G. Mazza, M. Brandl and T. Schrefl

2-D numerical study on the depth filtration by virtual flux method
T. Fukui* and K. Morinishi

Influence of the root-soil mechanical interaction on the variability of root architecture
M. Fakih*, J-Y. Delenne, F. Radjaï and T. Fourcaud

Geomechanics I MoM07
Room: VS215
Chair: Antonia Larese

Discrete element modelling of grain size segregation in bi-disperse granular flows down chute
L. Jing*, F.C.Y. Kwok and A.Y.F. Leung

Transient regime to fluidized chimney within a granular bed by means of a 2D DEM/LBM modeling
J. Ngoma, P. Philippe*, S. Bonelli, P. Cuéllar, J-Y. Delenne and F. Radjaï

Determination of shear zone structure and structural anisotropy within sheared bulk solids using X-ray tomography
L. Torbahn, S. Strege and A. Kwade*

Coupled gas-granular media flows using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
R.C. Hurley* and J.E. Andrade

Investigation of a soft soil excavation process using the particle finite element method
A.R. Leon Bal, T.S. Dang* and G.  Meschke

Composites MoM08
Room: VS216
Chair: Omar Salomon

Modeling damages and cracks growth in composite with a 3D discrete element method
F. Dau*, B.D. Le, J.L. Charles and I. Iordanoff

Numerical simulation analysis of reinforced concrete structure using VFIFE fiber-element model
R-Z. Wang*, B-C. Lin and C-H. Huang

Implementation and application of vector form intrinsic finite element in pushover analysis for reinforced concrete buildings
F.P. Hsiao*, H. Ho, R-Z. Wang and Y.C. Ou

Experimental study on contact behaviour of rigid particles suspended in visco-elastic matrix and distinct element modelling of fresh fibre reinforced cement composites
V. Naidu Nerella*, L. Ferrara and V. Mechtcherine

Contact Problems MoM09
Room: VS206A
Chair: Peter Wriggers

Role of vertex-like motion in contact loading of strengthening coating. Movable cellular automaton modeling
A.Y. Smolin*, G.M. Eremina and S.G. Psakhie

Discrete element analysis of cohesive granular bulk solid materials
L.I.  Del Cid* and G.  Mustoe

The effect of stone contact compliance on large deformations of asphalt mixtures
C. Celma Cervera*, D. Jelagin, E. Olsson, P-L. Larsson and M.N. Partl

Molecular dynamics modelling of boundary migration in bicrystals under nanoburnishing
A.I. Dmitriev* and A.Y. Nikonov

13:00 - 14:00

14:00 - 16:00
IS-Applications of the Particle Finite Element Method in Multi-physics Problems II
Invited Session organized by Sergio Idelsohn and Eugenio Oñate
Room: VS208
Chair: Eugenio Oñate

On the interface modelling in multi-material problems
S.R. Idelsohn, P. Becker* and E. Oñate

The Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM) for problems in geomechanics
A. Larese*, F. Salazar, R.  Rossi and E. Oñate

A numerical model for the simulation of the vertical UL 94 test
J. Marti*, S.R. Idelsohn and E. Oñate

Particle finite element response sensitivity analysis of fluid-structure interaction by the direct differentiation method
M.H. Scott* and M. Zhu

3D numerical simulation of large scale landslides using a Lagrangian PFEM approach
M. Cremonesi*, F. Ferri and U.  Perego

IS-Simulation of Granular Materials
Invited Session organized by Geir Horrigmoe and Kent Tano
Room: VS217
Chair: Miguel Angel Celigueta

Evaluation of coating uniformity in a seed coating process by DEM
M. Pasha*, C.L. Hare, M. Ghadiri, A. Gunadi and P.M. Piccione

Modelling of physical interactions between pulp, charge and mill structure in tumbling mills
P. Jonsén*, B.I. Pålsson, H-Å. Häggblad and G. Gustafsson

Dynamic stress analysis of the Freeman FT4 Powder Rheometer by DEM
C.L. Hare*, U. Zafar, M. Ghadiri, M. Murtagh, T. Freeman and J. Clayton

Modeling and simulation of a granulation system using a nonsmooth discrete element method
M. Servin*, T. Berglund, K-O. Mickelsson, S. Rönnbäck and D. Wang

Rheology of dense granular flow: from dry to suspended systems
C. Ness and J. Sun*

Smoothed particle simulation and validation of powder filling
G. Gustafsson*, P. Jonsén and H-Å. Häggblad

IS-Discrete Modeling in Cell and Tissue Mechanobiology II
Invited Session organized by Jose Manuel Garcia-Aznar, Herman Ramon, Paul Van Liederkeke and Roger Kamm
Room: VS218
Chair: Paul Van Liederkeke
Co-Chair: Herman Ramon

Density-dependent migration/proliferation plasticity is critical for glioma tumor development
H. Hatzikirou* and A. Deutsch

Mechanical destruction of tumor cells: experiments, multiscale modelling and simulation
M.O. Steinhauser*

Cell-centred model for the simulation of curved cellular monolayers
P. Mosaffa, N. Asadipour, D. Millán, A. Rodríguez-Ferran and J.J. Muñoz*

Discrete modelling of focal adhesions building phenomenon during filopodium retraction
J.M. García-Aznar*, J. Escribano, R. Oria, M.T. Sánchez and P. Roca-Cusachs

IS-Fracture and Fragmentation with DEM II
Invited Session organized by Falk Wittel and Ferenc Kun
Room: VS219
Chair: Ferenc Kun

A particle model calving glaciers
J.A. Astrom*

Micromechanical model of wet granular material
K. Melnikov*, F.K. Wittel, M. Thielmann and H.J. Herrmann

Stress dependence of aftershock statistics in granular matter
T. Hatano*, C. Narteau and P. Shebalin

Time-dependent DEM based fracture simulations at the grain size level for brittle heterogeneous solids
H. Konietzky* and W. Chen

Single sand particle breakage mechanics: X-ray CT investigation and DEM modelling
J. Wang, B.D. Zhao* and B. Zhou

IS-From Discrete Particles to Continuum Models of Granular Mechanics: Elasticity and Wave Propagation II
Invited Session organized by Ken Kamrin and Vanessa Magnanimo
Room: VS213
Chair: Vanessa Magnanimo
Co-Chair: Ken Kamrin

Backscattering spectral analysis for 1-D Granular Chain
R.K. Shrivastava*, V. Magnanimo and S. Luding

Micro- and Macro-Mechanics of polydisperse, anisotropic granular materials
N. Kumar*, S. Luding and V. Magnanimo

A continuous outlook of discrete mechanics
P. Schuhmacher*, F. Radjaï and S. Roux

Study of wave propagation in aqueous close-packed colloidal monolayers using laser based excitation
W.H. Lin*, I. Buttinoni, J. Cha, L. Isa and C. Daraio

A rigid body spring network model for the simulation of hysteretic behavior of materials
C. Sofianos* and V. Koumousis

Multi-fracturing Solids Systems MoA06
Room: VS214
Chair: Rainald Löhner

Inclusion of pore pressure effects in discrete element modeling of rock cutting
R.L.J. Helmons*, S.A. Miedema and C. van Rhee

Development of higher order particle discretization scheme for analysis of failure phenomena
M.K. Pal, L. Wijerathne*, M. Hori, T. Ichimura and S. Tanaka

An application of the finite-discrete element method in the simulation of ceramic breakage: methodology for a validation study for alumina specimens
A. Farsi*, J. Xiang, J.P. Latham, A.D. Pullen, M. Carlsson, E.H. Stitt and M. Marigo

A local constitutive model for multifracture analysis of concrete and geomaterials with DEM
E. Oñate*, F. Arrufat, M. Santasusana, J. Miquel and M.A. Celigueta

Peridynamic study of particle fracture under impact loading
N. Blanc*, X. Frank, J-Y. Delenne, C. Mayer-Laigle and F. Radjaï

A FEM-DEM technique for analysis of multifracture in brittle materials
F. Zárate* and E. Oñate

Geomechanics II MoA07
Room: VS215
Chair: Marcos Arroyo

A particle/particle interface model including surface roughness for stability analysis of arch dam foundations
N. Monteiro Azevedo* and M.L. Braga Farinha

A DEM based breakage model for coarse aggregates
M. Tapias*, E. Alonso and J. Gili

PS-MRT Lattice Boltzmann model for direct simulation of granular soils and seepage flow
Y. Fukumoto*, S. Ohtsuka and A. Murakami

Micromechanical analysis of the surface erosion of a cohesive soil by means of a coupled LBM-DEM model
P. Cuéllar*, P. Philippe, S. Bonelli, N. Benahmed, F. Brunier-Coulin, J. Ngoma, J-Y. Delenne and F. Radjaï

MPM simulation of a scaled laboratory slope failure
M. Alvarado*, N.M. Pinyol and A. Ruiz

Comparisons of shear strenght of particulate materials determined by the direct shear test and DEM simulations
X. Wang*, C. Niklasch and P-M. Mayer

Molecular Dynamics (MD) and Discrete Element Method (DEM) I MoA08
Room: VS216
Chair: Petros Koumoutsakos

An investigation in the effect of particle platyness on the strength of granular materials using the discrete element method
M. Potticary*, A. Zervos and J. Harkness

A drag force model formulation for polydisperse particle-fluid simulations using Discrete Element Method
A. Di Renzo* and F.P. Di Maio

Vector parameterization for rotations applied to Discrete Element Method
M.A.B. Sampaio*, A. Gay Neto and P.M. Pimenta

Use of collision and flow properties of particles falling from a hopper to estimate the damping coefficient in the DEM
C. Beaulieu*, F. Bonniol, J. Chaouki and F. Bertrand

Microdynamic analysis of ellipsoidal particle flow in a shear cell
M. Hossain*, H. Zhu and A. Yu

Discrete element modeling of complex continuous materials: bridging the material scales
M. Jebahi*, D. André, I. Terreros, I. Iordanoff, F. Dau and J.L. Charles

16:00 - 16:30
Coffee break

16:30 - 18:30
IS-From Discrete Particles to Continuum Models of Granular Mechanics: Quasi-static Elastoplastic Flows I
Invited Session organized by Stefan Luding and Farhang Radjai
Room: VS208
Chair: Farhang Radjai
Co-Chair: Dalila Vescovi

Different singularities in the functions of extended kinetic theory at the origin of the yield stress in granular flows
D. Berzi* and D. Vescovi

A novel augmented elasto-plastic potential model for granular materials and some micro-mechanical considerations
D. Harris*

Avalanches and its contribution for sheared granular flows
M. Otsuki and H. Hayakawa*

Scale of fluctuation of cone tip resistance measured in a virtual calibration chamber using DEM
J. Butlanska, M. Arroyo* and A. Gens

Shear rate diffusion during transients in simple shear
A. Ries, L. Brendel and D.E.  Wolf*

Unified theory of inertial granular flows and non-brownian suspensions
E. DeGiuli*, G. Düring, E. Lerner and M. Wyart

Quasi-static rheology of highly polydisperse packings: effects of particle size and shape
E. Azéma*, D-H. Nguyen, F. Radjaï and P. Sornay

IS-High Performance Computing for Particle Methods: New Trends, Algorithms and Applications I
Invited Session organized by Peter Wriggers, Eugenio Oñate, Bircan Avci and Pooyan Dadvand
Room: VS217
Chair: Peter Wriggers

Efficient data structures for SPH neighborhood search
M. Teschner*

HPC for smoothed particle hydrodynamics using multiGPU implementation
J.M. Domínguez, A.J.C. Crespo*, A.  Barreiro and M. Gómez-Gesteira

A multi-fluid SPH algorithm for high density ratios implemented on GPU
J-P. Fuerstenau*, B. Avci and P. Wriggers

Chrono: a multi-physics high performance modeling and simulation framework. Part 1: Modeling, Solution, and Implementation Aspects
A. Tasora, H. Mazhar, D. Melanz*, A. Pazouki, R. Serban and D. Negrut

Chrono: a multi-physics high performance modeling and simulation framework. Part 2: Applications and Validation
H. Mazhar*, D. Melanz and D. Negrut

Granulation Processes MoE03
Room: VS218
Chair: Miguel Angel Celigueta

Effect of a screw feeder induced flow in roll compaction: a DEM model
L. Orefice*, S. González and J.G. Khinast

DEM simulations of particle dynamics in a spheronization process to describe the pelletization mechanisms
D. Weis*, D. Thäte, M. Thommes and S. Antonyuk

Quantifying the effect of fillers on the breakage behaviour of needle-shaped particles
Z. Grof*, K. Holubova, M. Schongut and F. Stepanek

On the effects of particle shape on shear flow of non-spherical particles
S. Haeri* and J. Sun

On the axial dispersion of granular material in inclined rotating cylinders with bulk flow: Theory and DEM simulations
J.R. Third, D.M.  Scott, G. Lu and C.R. Müller*

IS-The Material Point Method and Other Meshfree and Particle Methods I
Invited Session organized by Jiun-Shyan Chen, Zhen Chen, Daniel Simkins and Xiong Zhang
Room: VS219
Chair: Duan Zhang
Co-Chair: Zhen Chen

Dual domain material point method for multiscale modeling of polymeric solid
D.Z. Zhang*

Improving accuracy in particle methods using null spaces and filters
C. Gritton, M. Berzins* and R.M. Kirby

Multiscale material point method for simulating the interactions among discrete nano/meso/micro structures under impact loading
Z. Chen*, S. Jiang, Y. Gan and T.D. Sewell

Impact Problems MoE05
Room: VS213
Chair: José Manuel González

The material point method for simulations of soil impact problems
P. Huang*, S-L. Li, H. Guo and P-Y. Liu

A lattice Monte Carlo model of solid particle erosion: An application to brittle fracture
A. Mora*, A. Alabi and S. Schmauder

Reflection and refraction within heterogeneous 2D and 3D granular crystals comprised of elastic-plastic spheres
H.A. Burgoyne* and C. Daraio

Damage, Fracture & Fatigue I MoE06
Room: VS214
Chair: Falk Wittel

A new discrete element constitutive behaviour of concrete in the YADE platform
H. Benniou*, Y. Malecot, M. Briffaut and L. Daudeville

Adaptive refinement technique for discrete static models of fracture
J. Eliáš*

Virtual concrete specimens: discrete element simulations of the quasistatic and dynamic material behavior and failure mechanisms of concrete and mortar
D.S. Reischl* and M. Curbach

Micromechanical investigation of fracture of powder compacts
E. Olsson* and P-L. Larsson

A versatile particle fragmentation model using the discrete element model
D. Queteschiner*, T. Lichtenegger and S. Pirker

Modelling of concrete fracture at aggregate level using DEM based on x-ray µCT images of internal structure
M. Nitka and J. Tejchman*

Geomechanics III MoE07
Room: VS215
Chair: Antonio Gens

Discrete modelling of backward front propagation in piping erosion
D.K. Tran, N. Prime*, F. Froiio, C. Callari and E. Vincens

Effect of wall roughness on interface behavior of DEM-simulated granular material
K.A. El Cheikh*, S. Rémond, C. Djelal, P. Pizette and Y. Vanhove

A novel systematic method to estimate the contact parameters of particles in discrete element simulations of soil
R. Lichtenheldt*

Effects of grain characteristics in sediment flow simulations using DEM
S. Moriguchi*, Y. Hiruma, I. Tachibana, S. Takase and K. Terada

Discrete modeling of geotextile-wrapped soil under simple shear
H. Cheng* and H. Yamamoto

Investigations of vortex structures in granular materials under earth pressure conditions by DEM
M. Nitka* and J. Tejchman

Clarification of soil scour and seepage flow by using a particle method
T. Nogami*, M. Asai and A. Abdelraheem

Molecular Dynamics (MD) and Discrete Element Method (DEM) II MoE08
Room: VS216
Chair: Dennis Kochmann

Using Delaunay triangulations to investigate the effect of interparticle friction on critical-state DEM simulations
K.J. Hanley*, X. Huang and C. O‘Sullivan

DEM simulations of granular media made of non-convex particles
A.D. Rakotonirina*, A. Wachs, J-Y. Delenne and F. Radjaï

Large-scale DEM simulations using non-spherical elements on GPU
S. Watanabe*, T. Aoki and S. Tsuzuki

A three-dimensional discrete element model for geometrically nonlinear problems considering the properties of a linear elastic medium
F. Ockelmann* and D. Dinkler

Powder compaction with polygonal particles built from radially extending one-dimensional frictional devices
F.A. Lülf* and P. Wriggers

Tribological effects in granular materials and their impact on the macroscopic material behaviour
B. Suhr* and K. Six

Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM) MoE09
Room: VS206A
Chair: Prashanth Nadukandi

Numerical modeling of metal cutting processes using PFEM and a physical based model
J.M.  Rodríguez *, P. Jonsén and A.  Svoboda

Vertical natural modes of gravel aggregate in the ballasted railway track
A. Aikawa*

Numerical simulation of penetration problems in geotechnical engineering with the Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM)
L. Monforte*, J.M. Carbonell, M. Arroyo and A.  Gens

On some drawbacks and possible improvements of a Lagrangian finite element approach for simulating incompressible flows
M.L. Cerquaglia*, G. Deliége, R. Boman, L. Papeleux, V. Terrapon and J-P. Ponthot

Error estimates of a particle based method based on a weak formulation
D. Tagami*

19:00 - 20:30
Welcome Reception

Tuesday, September 29

09:00 - 10:30
Plenary Lecture II
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Manfred Bischoff

Particles in turbulent flow
H.J. Herrmann*

The Particle Finite Element Method - second generation: an overview
S.R. Idelsohn*

Granular materials by design: new approaches for mapping desired properties of the aggregate to properties of individual particles
H.M. Jaeger*

10:30 - 11:00
Coffee break

11:00 - 13:00
IS-From Discrete Particles to Continuum Models of Granular Mechanics: Quasi-static Elastoplastic Flows II
Invited Session organized by Stefan Luding and Farhang Radjai
Room: VS208
Chair: Stefan Luding
Co-Chair: Bruno Chareyre

Size-effects in granular continuum flow modeling
K. Kamrin*

From elasto-plasticity to visco-elasto-plasticity for saturated granular materials
B. Chareyre*, D. Marzougui and J. Chauchat

Numerical modeling and homogenization of soft-particle granular media
T.H. Nguyen*, S. Nezamabadi and F. Radjaï

Structure and distribution of forces in shear bands of wet and dry cohesive materials
S. Roy*, A. Singh, S. Luding and T. Weinhart

IS-High Performance Computing for Particle Methods: New Trends, Algorithms and Applications II
Invited Session organized by Peter Wriggers, Eugenio Oñate, Bircan Avci and Pooyan Dadvand
Room: VS217
Chair: Pooyan Dadvand

Large-scale particle-based simulations for granular and fluid dynamics using dynamic load balance on a GPU supercomputer
S. Tsuzuki* and T. Aoki

Computer simulations of colloidal particles at liquid interfaces
J. Harting*

Speeding up LIGGGHTS using a MPI/OpenMP hybrid parallelization and the road towards adaptive time stepping
R. Berger*, C. Kloss and S. Pirker

Embedding lattice-Boltzmann based resolved fluid-particle simulations (LB-DEM) into classical finite volume simulation of river flow
S. Pirker*, P. Seil and G. Wierink

Ultrascale simulations of non-smooth granular dynamics
T. Preclik and U. Ruede*

Validation of the GPU based BLAZE-DEM framework for hopper discharge
N. Govender*, P. Pizette, D.N. Wilke and N-E. Abriak

IS-Multiscale Analysis of Multiphase Particulate Systems (T-MAPPP Symposium) I
Invited Session organized by Jin Ooi, Antonia Larese and Martin Crapper
Room: VS218
Chair: Antonia Larese

Discrete element modelling of liquid transfer between particles
N. Patsaki*, C. Radeke, H. Kureck and J.G. Khinast

DEM investigation of flow in silos: the effect of particle shape and rolling resistance
B. Soltanbeigi*, S-A. Papanicolopulos and J.Y. Ooi

A coupled lattice-Boltzmann discrete element modelling of shear flow in saturated dense granular material
T. Najuch*, J. Sun and J.Y. Ooi

Adhesion force measurement in micron-sized particles from centrifugal force based studies using particle size analysis techniques
R. Mohanty*, R. Cabiscol, T.M. Zorec, L. Torbahn, S.C. Thakur, H. Setzener, A. Kwade and J.Y. Ooi

A mesoscale investigation of the coalescence phenomena for wet agglomeration
G. Raso*, N. Kumar, V. Magnanimo, S. Luding, E.H. Stitt, M. Marigo and J.Y. Ooi

IS-The Material Point Method and Other Meshfree and Particle Methods II
Invited Session organized by Jiun-Shyan Chen, Zhen Chen, Daniel Simkins and Xiong Zhang
Room: VS219
Chair: Jiun-Shyan Chen
Co-Chair: Zhen Chen

Rock-mass propagation simulated by continuum and discrete approaches: benefits and drawbacks
F. Gracia*, S. Cuervo, V. Richefeu, P. Villard and P. Plotto

RKPM with quasi-linear approximation for fragment-impact modeling
E. Yreux and J.S. Chen*

Smoothed molecular dynamics (SMD) method and its adaptive coupling with molecular dynamics (MD)
N. He, Y. Liu* and X. Zhang

IS-Non-smooth Mechanics and Granular Materials. Honoring the Memory of Jean-Jacques Moreau
Invited Session organized by Farhang Radjai and Joe Goddard
Room: VS213
Chair: Farhang Radjai
Co-Chair: Joe Goddard

Jean-Jacques Moreau’s contributions to Granular Mechanics
M. Jean*

Coulomb friction from Newtonian restitution - with help from J.-J. Moreau and D.G.B. Edelen
J.D. Goddard*

Rapid, dense grain flows: assessment of current models in regard of experimental data
J. Rajchenbach*

Non Smooth Contact Dynamics, a relevant framework to model divided media
F. Dubois*

Modeling ultrasoft-particle media
S. Nezamabadi*, F. Radjaï, J. Averseng and J-Y. Delenne

Stresses in banks and piles: A contribution of Jean Jacques Moreau
F. Radjaï*

Damage, Fracture & Fatigue II TuM06
Room: VS214
Chair: Francisco Zárate

Modelling plasticity by non-continuous deformation
Y. Ben-Shmuel* and E. Altus

Simulation of impact strength of agglomerates by Distinct Element Method
T. Bonakdar* and M. Ghadiri

Particle relaxation method of Monte Carlo filter for vibration-based structural system identification
T. Sato* and Y. Nomura

Comparison of wear models using a Lagrangian approach
F. Beck and P. Eberhard*

Three-dimensional contact dynamics model for crushable grains
D. Cantor*, E. Azéma, F. Radjaï and P. Sornay

Comparison of PD method and FEM method on simulating the failure process for thin-wall steel cylinder under quasi-static uniaxial tensile loading
Y.Z. Zhang*, Y.H. Yin and K.Y Wang

Geomechanics IV TuM07
Room: VS215
Chair: Josep Maria Carbonell

Numerical simulation of free surface seepage in saturated soil using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
C. Peng*, W. Wu, H-S. Yu and C. Wang

Numerical modelling of railway ballast behaviour using the Discrete Element Method (DEM) and spherical particles
J. Irazábal*, F. Salazar and E. Oñate

Large deformation analysis of geomaterials based on continuum modeling considering soil skeleton structure
H. Nonoyama*, M. Nakano, T. Noda and Y. Miyata

A theoretical investigation of a mechanical response of fluid-saturated porous materials based on a coupled discrete-continuum approach
A.V. Dimaki*, E.V. Shilko, S.V. Astafurov and S.G. Psakhie

Real grain shape analysis: characterization and generation of representative virtual grains. Application to railway ballast
N. Ouhbi*, C. Voivret, G. Perrin and J-N. Roux

A discrete approach to describe the elastic-plastic behaviour of snow
B. Peters*, M. Michael and F. Nicot

Molecular Dynamics (MD) and Discrete Element Method (DEM) III TuM08
Room: VS216
Chair: Jerzy Rojek

Experimental and numerical investigation of the behaviour of complex particles in a model scale fluidized bed
K. Vollmari* and H. Kruggel-Emden

Average balance equations, scale dependence and energy cascade for granular materials
R. Artoni* and P. Richard

Shear localization in confined 3D granular flow
R. Artoni and P. Richard*

Correction of the gas flow parameters by molecular dynamics
V. Podryga* and S. Polyakov

Numerical study of continuous grinding processes
M.H. Kouhkamari*, R. Yang and A.B. Yu

A general method for modelling deformable structures in DEM
A. Effeindzourou*, K. Thoeni, B. Chareyre and A. Giacomini

Mixing Processes TuM09
Room: VS206A
Chair: Ferran Arrufat

Modelling of interaction between multi-phase fluid and mill structure in a tumbling mill
S. Larsson*, P. Jonsén, H-Å. Häggblad and G. Gustafsson

Simulating mixing processes with water addition using DEM – From bulk material to suspension
K. Krenzer*, V. Mechtcherine and U. Palzer

Resolving lateral segregation effects of static blenders
B.T. Ton*, R.J. Farnish and S. Zigan

Modelling the formation and breakup of particle clusters in metal melt subjected to external fields
A. Manoylov*, V. Bojarevics and K. Pericleous

13:00 - 14:00

14:00 - 15:30
Plenary Lecture III
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Antonia Larese

Coarse-grained atomistics via meshless and mesh-based quasicontinuum techniques
D.M. Kochmann*

A new reproducing Kernel formulation with embedded Kernel stability for modeling extreme events
J.S. Chen* and E. Yreux

Effect of particle shape in simulation of particle flows by Distinct Element Method
M. Ghadiri*, C.L. Hare and M. Pasha

15:30 - 16:00
Coffee break

16:00 - 18:00
IS-From Discrete Particles to Continuum Models of Granular Mechanics: Rapid Granular Flows I
Invited Session organized by Joe Goddard and Thomas Weinhart
Room: VS208
Chair: Joe Goddard
Co-Chair: Thomas Weinhart

Fingering instabilities and levee formation in shallow granular free-surface flows
J.L.  Baker*, J.M.N.T. Gray, B.P. Kokelaar and C.G. Johnson

Acceleration of dense granular flows down a slope
S. Parez*, E. Aharonov and R. Toussaint

Granular flow through an orifice: solving the free fall arch paradox
S.M. Rubio-Largo, A. Janda, I. Zuriguel, D. Maza and R.C. Hidalgo*

Regularising granular flow rheology
T. Barker*, D.G. Schaeffer, P. Bohorquez and J.M.N.T. Gray

LBM-DEM simulation of sheared dense granular suspensions
L. Amarsid, J-Y. Delenne*, Y. Monerie, F. Perales and F. Radjaï

Steady and unsteady shear rheology of dense granular suspensions
C. Ness* and J. Sun

Granular jet impact: probing the ideal fluid description
P. Müller*, A. Formella and T. Pöschel

IS-MuMoLaDe (Multiscale Modelling of Landslides and Debris Flows) I
Invited Session organized by Sergio Idelsohn, Eugenio Oñate and Pablo Agustín Becker
Room: VS217
Chair: Sergio Idelsohn

Centrifuge modelling of granular suspensions in a viscous fluid: impact forces and scaling principles
M.A. Cabrera* and W. Wu

Numerical investigations on the effect of vegetation on slope stability
B.M. Switala* and W. Wu

Hypoplastic and rheological constitutive modeling of debris materials
X. Guo*, W. Wu and Y. Wang

What is wrong in Love-Weber stress for unsaturated granular materials?
C. Chalak*, B. Chareyre and F. Darve

Modeling two-layer debris mixture flows
X. Meng* and Y. Wang

IS-Multiscale Analysis of Multiphase Particulate Systems (T-MAPPP Symposium) II
Invited Session organized by Jin Ooi, Antonia Larese and Martin Crapper
Room: VS218
Chair: Jin Ooi

A Coupled FEM-DEM procedure for nonlinear analysis of structural interaction with particles
M. Santasusana*, E. Oñate , J.M. Carbonell , J. Irazábal and P. Wriggers

A comparison between continuum and discrete modelling of granular material
I. Iaconeta*, A. Larese, M.A. Celigueta and E. Oñate

Influence of friction coefficient on the elastic moduli of granular materials
K. Taghizadeh Bajgirani*, N. Kumar, V. Magnanimo and S. Luding

A contact detection method between two convex super-quadric particles based on an Interior Point algorithm in the Discrete Element Method
A. Podlozhnyuk* and C. Kloss

Numerical simulation and experimental validation of yielding for cohesive dry powder
H. Shi*, A. Singh, V. Magnanimo and S. Luding

IS-Granular Plasticity
Invited Session organized by François Nicot and Felix Darve
Room: VS219
Chair: François Nicot

Discrete element modeling of failure initiation and crack propagation in weak snowpack layers
J. Gaume*, G. Chambon, A. van Herwijnen, I. Reiweger and J. Schweizer

Strains in granular materials based on microstructural kinematics
R. Wan* and M. Pouragha

The yield criteria of granular material with micro-mechanical considerations
X. Li* and L. Yang

Solutions of Young–Laplace equation and stability analysis
O. Millet*, B. Mielniczuk, G. Gagneux and R. Belarbi

Multiscale modelling of initial anisotropy, fabric evolution and strain localization in granular media
J. Zhao* and N. Guo

Use of stability analysis to explain the relationship between stress and strength for granular materials
C. O‘Sullivan*, K.J. Hanley and M.A. Wadee

A reappraisal of the concept of the strong/weak force networks for granular materials
N.P. Kruyt*

Multiphase Flows I TuE05
Room: VS214
Chair: Hans Herrmann

Numerical model of droplet dynamics using an embedded PFEM-Eulerian formulation
A. Jarauta*, P.B. Ryzhakov, J. Pons-Prats and M. Secanell

Aerodynamic properties of particles in the gravitational flow of a chuted bulk material
I.N. Logachev, K.I. Logachev, O.A. Averkova*, V.A. Uvarov and A.K. Logachev

The aerodynamics of a jet of particles in a channel
I.N. Logachev, K.I. Logachev*, O.A. Averkova, V.A. Uvarov and A.K. Logachev

Numerical simulation of water and water emulsion droplets evaporation in flames with different temperatures
P.A. Strizhak*, R.S. Volkov and A.O. Zhdanova

Deformation of a droplet in Couette flow subject to an external electric field simulated using ISPH
N. Tofighi, M. Ozbulut* and M. Yildiz

A posteriori error estimates, stopping criteria, and adaptivity for multiphase compositional Darcy flows in porous media
S. Yousef*, D. Di Pietro, E. Flauraud and M. Vohralik

Coupled Problems I TuE06
Room: VS215
Chair: Riccardo Rossi

Discrete and finite element co-simulations
C. Bierwisch*, C. Dehning, R. Schubert, I. Schmidt and T. Kraft

Conservative coupling method between an inviscid compressible fluid flow and a fracturing structure
M.A. Puscas*, A. Ern, C. Mariotti, L. Monasse and C. Tenaud

Simulating heat and mass transfer in an aggregate dryer using coupled CFD and DEM
A.M. Hobbs*

Modelling and computation of the casting process by particle method
M. Kazama* and T. Suwa

Radiation heat transfer within the discrete element method – relevance, implementation and examples -
S. Wirtz*, J. Wiese, F. Wissing and V. Scherer

Studying fluid flow in solid particles using coupled Discrete Element Lattice Boltzmann Method
S. Behraftar*, S.A. Galindo-Torres and A. Scheuermann

Environment and Geosciences TuE07
Room: VS213
Chair: Miguel Angel Celigueta

Application of the lattice Boltzmann method in acoustics
E. Salomons*, W.J.A. Lohman and H. Zhou

Tsunami simulation using the Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics Method with high performance computer
T. Suwa*, M. Kazama, D. Sugawara and F. Imamura

Stochastic particle-resolved modeling of atmospheric aerosols and their climate impacts
J.H. Curtis*, N. Riemer and M. West

Bridges wash out simulation during tsunami by a stabilized ISPH method
Y. Miyagawa*, M. Asai and N.A.B. Idris

Snow property modeling and its application to particulate ice-snow flow computing in snowblower
Y. Yamamoto*, J. Ishimoto and N. Ochiai

Discrete Element Method analysis for soil deformation on the pressure sinkage test
G-C. Chang and K-J. Lee*

Adaptive methods for the simulation of Multiscale Fluid Dynamic Phenomena using Vortex Particle Methods with applications to civil structures
D. Milani* and G. Morgenthal

Molecular Dynamics (MD) and Discrete Element Method (DEM) IV TuE08
Room: VS216
Chair: Manfred Bischoff

Non Smooth Contact Dynamic approach for railway engineering: investigation of ballast behaviour under stabilisation process
J-F. Ferellec*, R. Perales, P-E. Laurens, M. Wone, J. Plu and G. Saussine

Discrete element modelling of rupture in granular materials
A. Neveu*, R. Artoni, P. Richard and Y. Descantes

A DEM-based approach to model the cement pore-system on a nano scale
M. Stroeven*, K. Li and L.J. Sluys

A polarizable coarse-grained water model for dissipative particle dynamics
E.K.  Peter* and I.V.  Pivkin

Discrete element simulation of wet granular materials: plastic compression
V-D. Than*, J-N. Roux, A-M. Tang and J-M. Pereira

Thermal Lattice Boltzmann simulation of fluid flow through a packed bed
B. Kravets*, H. Kruggel-Emden, R. Kačianauskas and R. Jasevičius

Meshless Methods I TuE09
Room: VS206A
Chair: Fernando Salazar

The algorithm for 3D vortex sheet influence computation in meshless vortex method
I.K. Marchevsky* and G.A. Shcheglov

Enforcing differentiation/integration compatibility in meshless methods with nodal integration
G. Pierrot*

Using the dipole particles for simulation of 3D vortex flow of a viscous incompressible fluid
D. Syrovatskiy*, G. Dynnikova, S. Guvernyuk and G. Arutunyan

Using arbitrary triangulated shapes in DEM simulations. Contact models and applications
S. Vanmaercke*, B. Smeets, T. Odenthal, J. Keresztes and H. Ramon

A meshless novel mixed approach for the strain gradient elasticity, based on the Meshless Local Petro-Galerkin (MLPG) paradigm
T. Jarak*

Numerical scheme for the Finite Pointset Method to solve transport equations on fixed pointclouds in 3D
T. Seifarth*, J. Kuhnert and A. Meister

Wednesday, September 30

09:00 - 10:30
Plenary Lecture IV
Room: Auditorium
Chair: Sergio Idelsohn

Going down to the microscale: new perspectives
F. Nicot* and F. Darve

Application of SPH to coupled fluid-solid problems in the petroleum industry
J.R. Williams*, H. Pourpak, S. Jaffer, K. Pan, T. Douillet-Grellier, A. Albaiz, B.D. Jones and R. Pramanik

From fracture to fragmentation
F.K. Wittel*

10:30 - 11:00
Coffee break

11:00 - 13:00
IS-From Discrete Particles to Continuum Models of Granular Mechanics: Rapid Granular Flows II
Invited Session organized by Joe Goddard and Thomas Weinhart
Room: VS208
Chair: Jin Sun

Standing jumps formed in shallow granular flows down smooth inclines
T. Faug*, P. Childs, E. Wyburn, L. Castro and I. Einav

A depth-averaged µ(I)-rheology for shallow granular free-surface flows
J.M.N.T. Gray* and A.N. Edwards

Three dimensional rheology of soft granular particles under gravity
A. Singh, D. Vescovi*, T. Weinhart, V. Magnanimo, K. Saitoh and S. Luding

Transport coefficients for a model of confined granular fluid
D. Risso*, R. Soto and P. Cordero

Discrete to continuum fields in bidisperse granular mixtures
D.R. Tunuguntla, A.R. Thornton* and T. Weinhart

IS-MuMoLaDe (Multiscale Modelling of Landslides and Debris Flows) II
Invited Session organized by Sergio Idelsohn, Eugenio Oñate and Pablo Agustín Becker
Room: VS217
Chair: Pablo Agustín Becker

Multiphase analysis of strain localization with regularized models
M. Lazari*, L. Sanavia and B.A. Schrefler

Mixed finite element formulation for non-isothermal porous media in dynamics
T.D. Cao*, Y. Wang, L. Sanavia and B.A. Schrefler

Hydro-mechanical continuum modelling of an experimental slope with a material stability criterion
E. Kakogiannou*, M. Lora and L. Sanavia

Centrifuge model tests on rainfall-induced slope failures
V.G. Matziaris*, A.M. Marshall, C.M. Heron and H-S. Yu

Pore scale model of wet granular material
K. Melnikov, F.K. Wittel*, M. Thielmann and H.J. Herrmann

IS-Multiscale Analysis of Multiphase Particulate Systems (T-MAPPP Symposium) III
Invited Session organized by Jin Ooi, Antonia Larese and Martin Crapper
Room: VS218
Chair: Stefan Luding

Analysis of particle breakage under impact milling using a bonded discrete element method
L. Wang, J.Y.  Ooi*, A. Janda and C. Labra

Experimental study on the correlation of dustiness with measured particle and bulk properties for limestone powders with different particle size using a vortex shaker
S. Chakravarty*, M. Morgeneyer and O. Le Bihan

High-load compaction of pharmaceutical tablets: Model calibration approaches
T.M. Zorec*, R. Cabiscol, R. Mohanty, L. Torbahn, S.C. Thakur, H. Zetzener and A. Kwade

Description and interpretation of anisotropic behaviour of pharmaceutical tablets
R. Cabiscol*, R. Mohanty, T.M. Zorec, L. Torbahn, H. Zetzener and A. Kwade

A FEM-DEM model for analysis of particulate flows
G. Casas, M.A. Celigueta*, R. Rossi and E. Oñate

Modelling of Granular Materials WeM04
Room: VS219
Chair: Pierre Alart

Micro-macro constitutive relations for granular material in the elastic range
J. Rojek* and I. Marczewska

Finite element model of grains/fluid flows
J. Lambrechts*, F. Dubois and J-F. Remacle

Active-set based quadratic programming algorithm for solving optimization problems arising in granular dynamics simulations
L. Pospisil*, Z. Dostal and D. Horak

Energy decay of a two-dimensioal granular gas under gravity
L. Almazán*, D. Serero, T. Pöschel and C. Salueña

Multiphase Flows II WeM05
Room: VS214
Chair: Pavel Ryzhakov

SPH study of immiscible flow in porous media and the relation between capillary pressure, saturation and interfacial area
R. Sivanesapillai*, A. Hartmaier and H. Steeb

Distribution of liquid clusters inside a granular packing by LBM
V. Richefeu, F. Radjaï and J-Y. Delenne*

Reliability of the interaction potential based Lattice Boltzmann method for multiphase tribological flows
M. Dzikowski* and J. Rokicki

The effect of fines on the fluidization of cohesive powders
R. Wilson*, D. Dini and B. van Wachem

Simulation of the flow of non-Newtonian self-compacting concrete
F.F. Badry*, B.L. Karihaloo and S. Kulasegaram

Particle contact laws and their properties for simulation of fluid-sediment interaction with coupled SPH-DEM model
D.F.  Vetsch*, F.  Fleissner, A. Mueller and R.M. Boes

Coupled Problems II WeM06
Room: VS215
Chair: Kazem Kamran

DEM-LBM studies of electro-rheology of particle suspension
D.V. Patil* and J. Sun

Coupling of particle-based and grid-based methods within object-oriented multi-physics CFD framework
R. Steijl*, S. Colonia and G.N. Barakos

Two-phase modeling of conduction mode laser welding using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
H. Hu* and P. Eberhard

Numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer under the conditions of phase transitions and chemical reaction during ignition of condensed substances by single hot particles
D.O. Glushkov, P.A. Strizhak* and O.V. Vysokomornaya

Hybrid thermo-mechanical contact algorithm for 3D SPH-FEM multi-physics simulations
K.A. Fraser*, L. St-Georges, L.I. Kiss and Y. Chiricota

Concurrent atomistic-continuum coupling for multi-scale simulation of metals
T. Willerding* and M. Bischoff

Molecular Dynamics (MD) and Discrete Element Method (DEM) V WeM07
Room: VS216
Chair: Joaquín Irazábal

Simulations of elasto-plasticity at constant pressure close to the unjamming point
E. Lerner*

Periodic boundary conditions for MR linear contact detection algorithm in YNANO
F. Su*, T. Lukas, G.G.S. D‘Albano, H. Zhu and A. Munjiza

Parametric evaluation for powder flowability using a Freeman rheometer: a discrete element method study
Z. Yan*, S.K. Wilkinson, S.A. Turnbull, E.H. Stitt and M. Marigo

A molecular dynamics study on the effects of wall-fluid interaction strength and fluid density on thermal resistance of graphene/argon interface
A. Amani*, S.M.H. Karimian and M. Seyednia

Development of a normal and tangential elastic-plastic force-displacement model for discrete element simulations
D. Rathbone*, M. Marigo, D. Dini and B. van Wachem

A DNA molecule in salt solution: Adaptive resolution molecular dynamics simulation
J. Zavadlav and M. Praprotnik*

Meshless Methods II WeM08
Room: VS206A
Chair: Enrique Ortega

A stabilized, lagrangian, meshless method for the simulation of incompressible flows and fluid/solid interaction
D. Portillo*, M. Urrecha and I. Romero

Solution of the stationary Stokes and Navier-Stokes equations using the modified finite particle method in the framework of a least square residual method
D. Asprone, F. Auricchio, A. Montanino* and A. Reali

Particle motion and adaptivity for meshfree methods using an error potential function
J.A. Templeton*, K.M. Morris, L.C. Erickson and D. Poliakoff

Granular flow model for large scale wear prediction
D. Forsström*, S. Larsson, P. Jonsén and G. Gustafsson

The modified numerical scheme for 2D flow-structure interaction simulation using meshless vortex element method
K.S. Kuzmina* and I.K. Marchevsky

13:00 - 14:00

14:00 - 16:00
IS-Segregation in Granular Systems I
Invited Session organized by Anthony Thornton and Thomas Weinhart
Room: VS208
Chair: Anthony Thornton

Review on segregation in flowing and vibrated granular systems
S. Luding*

Mechanisms in the size segregation of a binary granular mixture
M. Schröter*, S. Ulrich, J. Kreft Pearce, J.B. Swift and H.L. Swinney

Competitive clustering in a bidisperse granular gas
D. van der Meer*, R. Mikkelsen, K. van der Weele and D. Lohse

The segregative behaviours of non-spherical particles in vibrated granular systems
C.R.K. Windows-Yule* and D.J. Parker

IS-MuMoLaDe (Multiscale Modelling of Landslides and Debris Flows) III
Invited Session organized by Sergio Idelsohn, Eugenio Oñate and Pablo Agustín Becker
Room: VS217
Chair: Eugenio Oñate

Landslides and debris flows simulation with the fixed-mesh PFEM-2
P. Becker*, S.R. Idelsohn and E. Oñate

Mixed finite elements for accurate prediction of strain localization failure in geotechnical related problems
L. Benedetti*, M. Cervera and M. Chiumenti

Modeling the behavior of flexible barriers impacted by granular flows using Discrete Element Method
A. Albaba*, S. Lambert, F. Nicot and B. Chareyre

A fluid-particle model for the impact of debris flow on flexible barriers
A. Leonardi*, F.K. Wittel, R. Vetter, M. Mendoza and H.J. Herrmann

Environmental influences on the mechanical behavior of unsaturated soils
P. Osinski*, X. Li and H-S. Yu

Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamics (SPH) WeA03
Room: VS218
Chair: Fernando Salazar

Mass decaying algorithm in multiphase SPH for the modelling of the sedimentation in a turbulently convecting flow
J. Kwon* and J.J. Monaghan

A generalized transport-velocity formulation for SPH
C. Zhang, X.Y.  Hu* and N.A. Adams

Regular or random: a discussion on SPH initial particle distribution
J. Young*, I. Alcântara, F. Teixeira-Dias, J.Y. Ooi and F. Mill

Error estimates of a particle-based method for partial differential equations
Y.  Imoto* and D.  Tagami

Experience on the implementation of SPH in nonequilibrium problems for micro-fluid
E.A. Patino-Narino* and L.O.S. Ferreira

IS-Particle Methods for Fluid-Structure Interactions at Different Scales I
Invited Session organized by Moubin Liu
Room: VS219
Chair: Moubin Liu

Numerical study of fluid-structure interaction with macro-scale particle methods
G. Zhou*

An efficient and accurate particle method to study the liquid atomization of a rotary atomizer
Z.G. Sun*, X. Chen and G. Xi

A mass preserving SIM for SPH
M. Zhang* and X. Deng

Numerical simulation of shaped charge jet penetrating a plate using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
Z. Zhifan*, M. Furen and Z. Aman

Wave-body interaction based on a robust SPH method
P. Sun*, F. Ming and A. Zhang

Industrial Applications I WeA05
Room: VS213
Chair: Salvador Latorre

Multi-scale modeling of spray drying
P. Rajniak*, D. Johnson and J. Moser

Flow of an elasto-viscoplastic fluid around a blade by means of the FEM with Lagrangian Integration Points (FEMLIP)
F. Dufour*, F. Ahonguio and L. Jossic

Theoretical investigation of the dynamics of friction stir welding process by movable cellular automaton method
S.V. Astafurov*, E.V. Shilko, E.A. Kolubaev, A.I. Dmitriev, A.Y. Nikonov and S.G. Psakhie

Discrete particle model for fastening applications
R. Wendner*, M. Marcon and J. Vorel

Large-scale grain distribution simulations with rotating machinery using efficient discrete element models
G. Casas*, D. Mukherjee, M.A. Celigueta, T. Zohdi and E. Oñate

Discrete element method modeling of ball mills liner wear evolution
D. Boemer*, S. Rycerski, J. Vis and J-P. Ponthot

Multiphase Flows III WeA06
Room: VS214
Chair: Mojtaba Ghadiri

CFD-DEM prediction of heat transfer in Packed Beds using commercial and open source codes
A. Singhal*, S. Cloete, F. Municchi, S. Radl and S. Amini

Particle tracking numerical methods for nanoparticle transport in heterogeneous porous media
D.V. Papavassiliou* and N. Pham

Effect of drag models and particle-particle interaction parameters on cake formation using Discrete Element Method-Computational Fluid Dynamics (DEM-CFD) simulations
S. Antonyuk*, R. Deshpande and I. Oleg

A pore-scale approach of two-phase flow in granular porous media
C. Yuan*, B. Chareyre and F. Darve

Analysis of fluid-particle-wall interactions in a spiral jet mill
S. Dogbe*, M. Ghadiri, A. Hassanpour, C.L. Hare, I. Crosley and R. Storey

A cognition on oscillatory mechanism of thermocapillary convection
R. Liang* and Y. Zhang

Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) WeA07
Room: VS215
Chair: Seiichi Koshizuka

Numerical and experimental study on splash formation with consideration of the surface condition of solid wall
M. Yokoyama*, K. Murotani, O. Mochizuki and G. Yagawa

Weighted relative distance tracking method for particle methods
M.M. Tsukamoto*, L-Y. Cheng and F.K. Motezuki

Analysis of airborne fines in cylindrical biomass storage silos
L.L.  Lulbadda Waduge* and S. Zigan

Lagrangian particle method for compressible fluid dynamics
R. Samulyak*, H-C. Chen and W. Li

Back from the solid temperature to kinetic energy of its macro-molecules
S.V. Arinchev*

Molecular Dynamics (MD) and Discrete Element Method (DEM) VI WeA08
Room: VS216
Chair: Dietrich Wolf

Temporal force fluctuations experienced by walls subject to granular flows
F. Kneib*, T. Faug, F. Dufour and M. Naaim

Internal states, stress-strain behavior and elasticity in oedometrically compressed model granular materials
M.H. Khalili*, J-N. Roux, J-M. Pereira, M. Vandamme, S. Brisard and M. Bornert

DEM simulations of weakly wetted granular materials: implementation of capillary bridge models
A. Gladkyy*, S. Roy, T. Weinhart, S. Luding and R. Schwarze

Hydrodynamic interactions of flexible membranes in shear flows: A DPD study
D. Vijay Anand*, B.S.V. Patnaik and S. Vedantam

Microscopic theory of non-Brownian suspension flows close to the Jamming point
G. During*, E. Lerner and M. Wyart

16:00 - 16:30
Coffee break

16:30 - 18:30
IS-Segregation in Granular Systems II
Invited Session organized by Anthony Thornton and Thomas Weinhart
Room: VS208
Chair: Thomas Weinhart

Segregation in vibrated granular monolayers
N. Rivas*, P. Cordero, D. Risso and R. Soto

DEM simulations of particle shape induced radial segregations in horizontal, rotating cylinders
G. Lu*, J.R. Third and C.R. Müller

Size and density segregation in bidisperse mixtures
D.R. Tunuguntla*, T. Weinhart and A.R. Thornton

The effects of segregation on flow dynamics
J. McElwaine*

Predicting granular segregation: a continuum model using parameters from GPU-based DEM simulations
A.B. Isner, P.B. Umbanhowar, J.M. Ottino and R.M. Lueptow*

Asymmetric particle behavior during size segregation
K. van der Vaart*, P. Gajjar, J.M.N.T. Gray and C. Ancey

IS-Multi-Scale Modelling of Reactive Particle-Based Processes
Invited Session organized by Christoph Kloss, Stefan Radl, Christoph Goniva, Thomas Hagelien and Shahriar Amini
Room: VS217
Chair: Christoph Kloss
Co-Chair: Christoph Goniva and Stefan Radl

Application-driven development of CFD-DEM modelling for particle-based processes
C. Goniva*, B. Blais and C. Kloss

ParScale - An open-source library for the simulation of ìntra particle heat and mass transport processes in coupled simulations
S. Radl, T.  Forgber*, A.  Aigner and C. Kloss

Design and validation of a robust CFD-DEM model for the investigation of viscous solid-liquid mixing in agitated vessels
B. Blais*, M. Lassaigne, C. Goniva, L. Fradette and F. Bertrand

Application-driven development of Discrete Element Method modelling for reactive particle-based processes
C. Kloss*, S. Radl and C. Goniva

Optimal particle parameters for CLC and CLR processes – predictions by intra-particle transport models and experimental validation
T.  Forgber, J.R. Tolchard, A. Zaabout, P.I. Dahl and S. Radl*

DEM particle characterization by artificial neural networks and macroscopic experiments
L. Benvenuti*, C. Kloss and S. Pirker

Numerical simulation of reactive flow in granular media using a LBM approach. Application to the study of biomass torrefaction
S. Martin* and O. Bonnefoy

Parallel Computing WeE03
Room: VS218
Chair: Pooyan Dadvand

OpenMP parallelization of multicolour particle contact detection method with computational block parallelism for sorting
T. Katagiri, H. Takeda and Y. Horibata*

A MPI/domain decomposition strategy for large-scale simulations of granular media made of particles of arbitrary shape
A. Wachs and A.D. Rakotonirina*

Interactive simulation of indoor ventilation using the Lattice Boltzmann method
P. Wenisch and D. Fleckenstein*

Vortex particle method for aerodynamic analysis: parallel scalability and efficiency
K. Ibrahim* and G. Morgenthal

Parallel stochastic reaction-diffusion simulation using Gillespie stochastic simulation algorithm
N. Shuvalov*, Y. Kholodov and G. Papoian

IS-Particle Methods for Fluid-Structure Interactions at Different Scales II
Invited Session organized by Moubin Liu
Room: VS219
Chair: Guangzheng Zhou

An improved SPH model for water entry of free falling objects
M.B. Liu* and S.M. Li

Numerical modeling of a rabbit cancellous bone and marrow using fluid structure interaction by coupling Lattice Boltzmann and Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamics
A. Laouira*, H. Naceur, J. Rahmoun, P. Drazetic and C. Fontaine

An improved finite particle method for modeling natural convection problems
X.Y. Peng*, J.M. Lei and C. Huang

An iterative method for homogenizing particles
C. Huang*, J.M. Lei and M.B. Liu

A coupled Discrete Element Lattice Boltzmann Method considering particles of general shapes
S.A. Galindo - Torres*

Industrial Applications II WeE05
Room: VS213
Chair: Miquel Santasusana

True-shape tablet simulations at industrial scale
C.  Radeke*, H.  Kureck, E.  Siegmann and J.G. Khinast

Application of the Lattice-Boltzmann method for modeling All-Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries
D. Maggiolo*, F. Picano, A. Marion and M. Guarnieri

Investigating the uniformity of an active coating process in the industrial scale using DEM simulations
P. Böhling*, G. Toschkoff, K. Knop, P. Kleinebudde, D. Djuric, A. Funke, P. Rajniak and J.G. Khinast

Simulation of Particle Behaviour in Bell-less Type Blast Furnace by using Discrete Element Method
H. Mio*, Y. Narita, A. Inayoshi, S. Matsuzaki and K. Higuchi

Investigation of green water in FPSO by a particle-based numerical offshore tank
C.A. Bellezi*, D.T. Fernandes, L-Y. Cheng, M.M. Tsukamoto and K. Nishimoto

Modelling centrifugal membrane deployment of solar sails with the discrete element method
Z. Xu, D. Zhang*, W. Chen and F. Peng

Multi-scale Material Models WeE06
Room: VS214
Chair: Sergio Oller

A Master equation for force distributions in polydisperse frictional particles
K. Saitoh*, V. Magnanimo and S. Luding

Modeling of elasto-plastic behaviour of granular materials using multi-particle finite element simulations
N. Abdelmoula*, B. Harthong, D. Imbault and P. Dorémus

A new discrete element contact model to simulate the mechanical behaviour of TiO2-nanoparticle films
J. Laube*, S. Salameh, L. Mädler and L. Colombi Ciacchi

A discrete element approach for modeling the processing of fibrous biomass
T. Leblicq*, S. Vanmaercke, H. Ramon and W. Saeys

Material Point Method (MPM) and Lattice-Boltzmann-Method (LBM) WeE07
Room: VS215
Chair: Alessandro Leonardi
Co-Chair: Pablo Agustín Becker

Towards direct numerical simulation of complex particle suspensions: rheology and phenomenology in coupled LBM-DEM modelling
C.R. Leonardi*, W. Regulski, J.W.S. McCullough, B.D. Jones and J.R. Williams

Effect of boundary condition applying type on heat transfer modeling via double species lattice Boltzmann method
M. Mohammadi-Amin* and M. Bustanchy

Effects of the MPM discretisations on the soil-structure problems
S. Fatemizadeh*, F. Hamad and C. Moormann

Modelling of the Selborne failure and post-failure with the MPM
A. Yerro*, E. Alonso and H. Castellví

Simulations of dense snow avalanches with generalized interpolation material point method: preliminary outcomes
W.T. Solowski*, D. Baroudi, M. Ghobakhlou and L. Korkiala-Tanttu

20:30 - 23:00
Conference Banquet