25/7/14    09:00 - 11:00
Non-conventional Methods for Nonlinear Fluid and Solid Mechanics III
Minisymposium organized by Michel Potier-Ferry , Elias Cueto and Heng Hu
Room: Sala J
Chair: Marianne BERINGHIER
CoChair: Virginie Ehrlacher
Power series analysis to improve the anm continuation near simple bifurcations (Keynote Lecture)
Bruno Cochelin and Marc Medale

ANM supplemented with power series analysis to efficiently compute steady-state bifurcations in 3D incompressible fluid flows
Marc Medale and Bruno Cochelin

A reduction model for forced response of damped viscoelastic sandwich beam
Faiza Boumediene, El Mostafa Daya, Jean-Marc Cadou and Laetitia Duigou

Flatness defects in sheet rolling modelised by Arlequin and Asymtotic Numerical Methods
Kekeli Kpogan, Hamid Zahrouni, Michel Potier-Ferry and Hachmi Ben Dhia

New Fourier-related double scale finite element for membrane instability phenomena
Qun Huang, Heng Hu, Kun Yu, Michel Potier-Ferry, Salim Belouettar and Gaetano Giunta

Detection of bifurcation in a meshless framework
Abdeljalil Tri, Hamid Zahrouni and Michel Potier-Ferry