Exhibition Booth

    Congress participants will be interested in viewing and discussing publications, software, hardware, and other materials, including educational, related to computational mechanics.
    The Exhibitor Areas will be strategically located at the centre of daily activities to facilitate interaction of participants with Exhibitors.

      Exhibition Floor Plan

      Exhibitor Booth: 3.000,00.
      The Booth includes:
      2 meters x 3 meters booth space including hard wall shell
      Electricity panel (1.1 kw)
      Booth carpeting
      Organization name on provided nameplate
      One ticket to the Congress banquet

      Furniture, shipping, electricity and any other service costs are not included in the fee.

      Extended Exhibitor Booth: 2.000,00.
      This fee will include 2x3 m of additional booth space at the Exhibitors Foyer dotted with hard wall shell, extra carpet and electricity panel.
      Furniture, shipping, and any other service costs are not included in the fee.

      Requests of booth in the Exhibition will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. The fees do not include applicable taxes.

      Additional Congress Banquet Tickets: 120,00.
      This will give individual access to the Congress Banquet.

      For further information on Sponsoring Opportunities and Exhibition, please contact:
      Ms. Diane Duffet
      e-mail: sponsors@wccm-eccm-ecfd2014.org

      For further information on booth, furniture, equipment, shipping & handling, etc., please contact:
      Mrs. Hana Chemaissani
      MCI Group
      e-mail: Hana.Chemaissani@mci-group.com
      Tel : + 34 91 400 93 84

      Download Exhibition Booking Form.

      Download Exhibitors Guide.