Special Technological Sessions

STS 01 Multi-Physics Green Challenges in Aeronautics: The EC Grain2 EU-China Networking Project
Organized by Jacques Periaux, Gabriel Bugeda and Sun Jian
STS 02 Turbomachinery Challenge
Organized by Francesco Martelli, M. Manna and S. Salvadori
STS 03 Aero-acoustics in Aeronautics: Advanced Methods and Industrial Challenges
Organized by Hermann Deconinck and Dominique Collin
STS 04 Optimization
VKI Lecture Series Reporting on "Introduction to Optimization Methods and Tools for Multi-disciplinary Design in Aeronautics and Turbomachinery"

Organized by Jacques Periaux and Tom Verstraete
STS 05 Transition Location Effect on Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interaction
Organized by Piotr Doerffer
STS 06 Flow Control and Drag Reduction
Organized by Dietrich Knoerzer and Geza Schrauf
STS 07 Application of Hybrid RANS/LES Approaches to Attached and Mildly Separated Flows
Organized by Dieter Schwamborn, Mikhail Strelets and Charles Mockett
STS 08 Higher-Order Methods for Aerospace Applications
Organized by Norbert Kroll and Koen Hillewaert