Barcelona welcomes you!

A city with over 2000 years of history
The cradle of many cultures and a witness to major transformations, Barcelona has a fascinating history, its whole past is projected into its present.
The first human settlements in Barcelona date back to Neolithic times. In the 1st century A.D. the Emperor Augustus established a small colony for army veterans (Barcino) around the Taber mount. At the time there were already Iberian villages on the Barcelona Plain and on Montjuďc Mountain. Remains of the defensive wall that bounded the city can still be seen in the old town.

Visual poem "Barcino", by Joan Brossa, in front of Barcelona’s Roman wall

The traces of this history and diversity can be followed as you walk through the city: through its Gothic Quarter, built on the Roman ruins; through its art-nouveau Eixample district, presided over by Gaudi's exuberant architecture, which at the same time reveals an ordered and rational urban layout.

Milŕ House "La Pedrera", by L. Bertran

Diagonal Park, Forum Zone, by Espai d'Imatge
This diversity and harmony are also apparent in the character of the people of Barcelona: enterprising and hard-working, enjoy life and, in particular, have great civic pride and are lovers of culture.
If you want to find out the fascinating history of Barcelona, you can visit "From Barcino to Barcelona", a web site created as a result of a Barcelona City Council initiative where you'll find information on the city from pre-foundation times up to the present day, including the latest big developments.

The Three Graces, mosaic, © Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya
The Barcelona of the 21st century is a European capital of astonishing cultural energy and a passion for progress, a city whose day-to-day life brings together every imaginable facet of the most diverse activities: these are the potential that has fashioned the city's present and give it the impetus to move forward into the future.

Unless otherwise stated, pictures © Turisme de Barcelona