22/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Computational Contact Mechanics V
Minisymposium organized by Tod Laursen, Peter Wriggers and Giorgio Zavarise
Room: Sala F
Chair: Przemyslaw Litewka
An energy consistent approach for elastodynamic frictional contact problems
Mikaël Barboteu and David Danan

A penetration-free nonsmooth dynamics method for frictionless contact/impact problems
Olivier Brüls, Vincent Acary and Alberto Cardona

Numerical study of convergence of the mass redistribution method for elastodynamic contact problems
Farshid Dabaghi, Adrien Petrov, Jérome Pousin and Yves Renard

Analysis of a dynamic contact problem involving a nonlinear thermoviscoelastic beam with second sound
Alessia Berti, María I.M. Copetti, José R. Fernández and Maria Grazia Naso

Contact-impact treatment based on the bipenalty technique in explicit transient dynamics
Dusan Gabriel, Jan Kopacka, Jiri Plesek and Radek Kolman

A reaction force computation scheme for contact analysis with quadratic tetrahedral elements
Tomonori Yamada and Shinobu Yoshimura

Isogeometric contact analysis using a third medium
Nhon Nguyen-Thanh, Laura De Lorenzis and Peter Wriggers