23/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Advanced Numerical Methods II
Room: Tramuntana 2
Chair: Pilar Ariza
Approximating coupler curves using strip trees
Rubén Vaca and Joan Aranda

An efficient technique based on numerical mode matching for the acoustic characterization of dissipative silencers with thermal gradients
Eva M. Sánchez-Orgaz, Francisco D. Denia, Francisco J. Fuenmayor and Ray Kirby

Quadrilateral axisymmetric 4-node hybrid-stress elements using the Quadrilateral Area Coordinate Method (QACM)
Nanxiang Guan and Song Cen

Configuration-dependent interpolation in higher order 2D beam finite elements
Edita Papa Dukić and Gordan Jelenić

Modeling of DNA damage in G2/M regulatory network with robustness study
Lu-Wen Zhang and Kim Meow Liew

An SGBEM formulation for cohesive delamination model with coulomb friction
Jozef Kšiňan and Roman Vodička

Deviational methods for multiscale kinetic simulation
Nicolas Hadjiconstantinou, Jean-Phillipe Péraud and Colin Landon