23/7/14    14:00 - 16:00
Advanced Discretization and Solution Methods for Coupled Multiphysics Transport Phenomena I
Minisymposium organized by John Shadid and Dmitri Kuzmin
Room: Mestral
Chair: John Shadid
CoChair: Dmitri Kuzmin
Asymptotic-preserving semi-Lagrangian Discontinuous Galerkin schemes for a class of relaxation systems (Keynote Lecture)
James A. Rossmanith and Anna Lischke

Fast hierarchical solvers for Discontinuous Galerkin methods
Dmitri Kuzmin, Lukas Korous and Vadym Aizinger

Improved accuracy of high-order WENO finite volume methods on Cartesian grids
Pawel Buchmueller and Christiane Helzel

Monotonicity in high-order curvilinear finite element field remap
Robert W. Anderson, Veselin A. Dobrev, Tzanio V. Kolev and Robert N. Rieben

Regularizing nonlinear systems with discontinuous solutions in higher order methods
Craig Michoski, Clint Dawson, Dam Wirasaet, Joannes Westerink and Ethan Kubatko

Algebraic linearity preserving limiters for compressible flow problems
Eric C. Cyr, John N. Shadid and Dmitri Kuzmin