25/7/14    09:00 - 11:00
Multiscale Modelling of Materials and Structures IV
Minisymposium organized by Tadeusz S. Burczynski, Xavier Oliver and Maciej Pietrzyk
Room: Sala H 3
Chair: Maciej Pietrzyk
CoChair: Tadeusz Burczynski
An inverse optimization strategy to determine single crystal mechanical behavior from polycrystal tests by means of computational homogenization (Keynote Lecture)
Vicente Herrera-Solaz, Javier Segurado and Javier LLorca

A multiscale model derivation and simulation tool for MEMS arrays
Bin Yang, Walid Belkhir, Michel Lenczner and Nicolas Ratier

Finite Element Modelling of a non-crimp 3-D orthogonal woven composite
Serra Topal , Stephen Ogin, Andrew Crocombe and Prasad Potluri

Modeling of heterogeneous materials using a mesoscopic scale finite element analysis
Josť J. de C. Pituba, Gabriela R. Fernandes and Eduardo A. de Souza Neto

Multiscale analysis of damage using dual and primal domain decomposition techniques
Oriol Lloberas-Valls, Frank P. X. Everdij, Daniel J. Rixen, Angelo Simone and Lambertus J. Sluys

Plate bending analysis by a multi-scale model coupling bem and fem, considering different boundary conditions for the RVE
Gabriela R. Fernandes, Josť J. de C. Pituba and Eduardo A. de Souza Neto