21/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Computational Contact Mechanics III
Minisymposium organized by Tod Laursen, Peter Wriggers and Giorgio Zavarise
Room: Sala F
Chair: Karl Schweizerhof
A dual Lagrange Method with regularized frictional contact conditions: Modelling micro slip
Saskia Sitzmann, Kai Willner and Barbara Wohlmuth

Use of Uzawa algorithm for simulating frictional contact between crack faces in a body containing randomly oriented cracks
Morteza Nejati, Adriana Paluszny and Robert W. Zimmerman

Model and mesh adaptivity for frictional contact problems
Andreas Rademacher

Smoothed nonlinear complementarity functions for elasto-plastic frictional contact at finite strains
Alexander Seitz, Alexander Popp and Wolfgang A. Wall

An unbiased computational contact formulation for 3D friction
Roger A. Sauer and Laura De Lorenzis

Friction contact of a smooth slider and viscoelastic half-space
Irina G. Goryacheva, Fedor I. Stepanov and Elena V. Torskaya

On the nitsche and the shifted penalty method
Giorgio Zavarise