24/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Modeling of Fiber-based Structures - Textiles and Textile Reinforced Composites III
Minisymposium organized by Yordan Kyosev, Philippe Boisse and Damien Durville
Room: Sala B2
Chair: Yordan Kyosev
Inelastic deformation of nonwoven textiles due to the frictional sliding of bonded fibers
Mykola Tkachuk, Markus Ganser and Christian Linder

Orthotropic Simo and Pister hyperelasticity theory
David C. Kellermann and Mario M. Attard

Modeling of deformation and damage of fiber-reinforced composite under shock loading
Zhenfei Song, Shicao Zhao and Jianheng Zhao

Numerical simulation of mechanical properties for composite reinforced by knitted fabric
Olga Kononova, Andrejs Krasnikovs, Galina Harjkova and Vitalijs Lusis

A gradient-enhanced continuum damage model with application to fibre-reinforced tissues at finite strains
César Polindara, Tobias Waffenschmidt, Andreas Menzel, Sergio Blanco and José Goicolea