22/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Applications of Error Estimation and Model Adaptation in Computational Mechanics IV
Minisymposium organized by Ludovic Chamoin, Pedro Díez, Fredrik Larsson and Kris Van der Zee
Room: Mare Nostrum E
Chair: Ludovic Chamoin
Hierarchical model (HiMod) reduction for incompressible fluid dynamics in rigid and deformable pipes (Keynote Lecture)
Matteo Aletti, Alonso Alvarez, Pablo J. Blanco, Simona Perotto and Alessandro Veneziani

Adaptive surrogate modelling in unsteady transport systems
Jens Lang, Debora Clever, Pia Domschke and Oliver Kolb

On the verification of PGD reduced-order models
Florent Pled, Ludovic Chamoin and Pierre Ladevèze

Effective uncertainty quantification using adjoint-based error estimates and surrogate models
Tim Wildey, Troy Butler and John Jakeman

Blockwise adaptivity for diffuse-interface tumor-growth model
Xunxun Wu, Kristoffer G. van der Zee, Gorkem Simsek and Harald van Brummelen

Convergence properties of the hierarchical models in coupled electro-mechanical problems
Grzegorz Zboinski