25/7/14    09:00 - 11:00
Structure-preserving and Polyhedral Discretizations III
Structure-Preserving Methods for Fluids Session

Minisymposium organized by Lourenco Beirao da Veiga, Annalisa Buffa, Alexandre Ern, John A. Evans, Marc Gerritsma, Gianmarco Manzini and Giancarlo Sangalli
Room: Yasmin B
Chair: Marc Gerritsma
Structure-preserving discretization of continuum theories
Dmitry Pavlov

A compatible discretization approach for the incompressible Euler equations
Andrea Natale and Marc Gerritsma

A vorticity, enstrophy, mass and energy conserving discretization for incompressible Euler equations
Pedro Pinto Rebelo, Artur Palha and Marc Gerritsma

Structure-preserving formulation of a convected Maxwell fluid
Kennet Olesen, Bo Gervang and Marc Gerritsma

Structure-preserving isogeometric discretizations for incompressible magnetohydrodynamics
John A. Evans

A finite element exterior calculus framework for the rotating shallow water equations
Colin Cotter, John Thuburn, Jemma Shipton and Andrew T.T. McRae