23/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Advances and Applications in Generalized/Extended Finite Element Methods I
Minisymposium organized by Angelo Simone, C. Armando Duarte, Sergio P. B. Proença and Haim Waisman
Room: Sala H 1
Chair: C. Armando Duarte
Simulation of strain localization with an enriched Gradient-Enhanced Damage Model (Keynote Lecture)
Erik C. Simons and Angelo Simone

3D crack propagation with cohesive elements in the extended finite element method
Guilhem Ferté, Patrick Massin and Nicolas Moës

A new method to extract strain energy release rates using XFEM and Irwin‘s Integral
Mengyu Lan, Haim Waisman and Isaac Harari

XFEM for a crack model with strip-yield crack tip plasticity
Karlheinz Kunter, Thomas Heubrandtner, Bettina Suhr and Reinhard Pippan

Modelling hydraulic fracture propagation with extended finite element method
Tao Wang, ZhanLi Liu and Zhuo Zhuang

A stable X-FEM in cohesive transition from closed to open crack
Sergio Sadaba, Ignacio Romero, Carlos Gonzalez and Javier LLorca