Special Technological Sessions

Special Technological Sessions (STS) have a long tradition at the large ECCOMAS conferences. More than the classical Minisymposia of ECCOMAS the STS address research and technologies of industrial relevance, often at a higher technology readiness level. They normally focus on a specific industrial sector as on aeronautics, which is seen as a high-tech driver in many technologies.

Please find here the booklet and program of the Special Technological Sessions.

At the ECCOMAS ECCM-ECFD 2018 Conference nine STS in Aeronautics are organised covering numerical simulation and the related experimental validation in different technology areas. The STS 01 to STS 06 are organised by the EU-China Platform in Aeronautics:

  • STS 01: Advanced Propulsion Technologies
  • STS 02: Alternative Fuel for Aviation
  • STS 03B: Aeronautics Drag Reduction Technologies
  • STS 03A: Aircraft Noise Reduction Technologies
  • STS 04: New Aircraft Configurations
  • STS 05: New Aeronautical Materials
  • STS 06: Aircraft Structures, Structural Health Monitoring and Smart & Intelligent Systems
  • STS 07: Platform for Aircraft Drag Reduction Innovation - PADRI
  • STS 08: Hybrid Laminar Flow, Flow and Vibration Control in the EU-Project AFLoNext

In addition some Aeronautics technology fields that do not fit in the scope of this conference as air traffic management are presented in a parallel workshop hosted by the University of Glasgow (More details see .

For the first time researchers and engineers from Europe and China organise jointly a number aeronautics related STS through the new EU-China Platform. They present their work in numerous technology areas of mutual interest, which have been identified in several EU-China research networks such as AeroChina and GRAIN. Also joint EU-China research projects as DRAGY, IMAGE or ECO-COMPASS present their achievements in the STS. Their research cooperation is co-financed by the European Commission within the EU-Programme Horizon 2020 and by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China.

The EU-China Platform addresses research activities on advanced numerical methods, new tools and innovative technologies involving experts from Europe, China and third countries in the fields of safe, secure and green aeronautics. The Platform is coordinated by International Centre of Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) and the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment (CAE). Within the EU-China Platform six main Key Technologies (KT1 - KT6) were identified with a number of technology topics. In ECFD-ECCM ECCOMAS Conference, the KTs addressed through STS:

Key Technology Topics Link to Conference Session
STS1 and STS2 KT1: Propulsion Technology and Alternative Fuel including NOx and CO2 reduction, MDO, mission modelling, new energies for aviation. STS1, STS2
STS3 and STS4 KT2: Flight Physics, including Flow Control, Noise, Design Tools, HPC and New Configurations STS3A, STS3B, STS4
STS5 KT3: Green Aeronautical Materials and Aircraft Structures, and Health Monitoring STS5
STS6 KT6: Smart and Intelligent Technology STS6

The other Key Technologies are addressed by the open Workshop at the University of Glasgow on Tuesday, 12th June 2018:

  • KT4: Navigation and Air Traffic and Airport Management
  • KT5: Aviation Safety and Security.