24/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Impact Mechanics and Blast Loads II
Room: Sala E1
Chair: José María Goicolea
CoChair: José L. Pérez Aparicio
Planar wave propagation in shock tubes for replicating blast injury
Brian R. Bigler, Allen W. Yu and Cameron R. Bass

The study on impact response of diesel engine based on Finite Element Method
Dongyan Shi, Shan Gao and Jingyuan Song

Simulation of blast action on civil structures using ANSYS / LS-DYNA and ANSYS / AUTODYN
Maksim N. Danilov, Swetlana A. Valger, Natalya N. Fedorova and Alexander V. Fedorov

FEA of impact responses for damped frame structures supported by multiple nonlinear springs with hysteresis
Takaoi Yamaguch, Chen Yuan, Hisanori Tomita, Taufiq Ibrahim, Shinichi Maruyama, Mitsuharu Watanabe and Manabu Sasajima