22/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Advanced Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics V
Room: Ponent 2
Chair: Jesús María Blanco
CoChair: Xesús Nogueira
Numerical modelling of laminar flow control on a swept wing by means of plasma actuators
Sergey L. Chernyshev, Aleksandr P. Kuryachii, Sergey V. Manuilovich, Dmitry A. Rusyanov and Marat D. Gamirullin

Extremely high- order multioperators-based schemes for smooth and discontinues fluid dynamics solutions
Andrtei I. Tolstykh, Michael V. Lipavskii and Dmitrii A. Shirobokov

Modelling surface tension dominated multiphase flows using the VOF approach
Johan A. Heyns and Oliver F. Oxtoby

Direct numerical simulation of oceanic flows around blunt bodies
Pavel V. Matyushin and Valentin A. Gushchin

Investigation of a bubble attached and sliding on a cylinder
Baoyu Ni

Specific aspects of numerical simulation of civil engineering structures with cross section shape close to rectangular
Irina N. Afanasyeva, Anton R. Usmanov, Alexandr M. Belostotskiy and Sergey I. Dubinsky