22/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Advanced Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics IV
Room: Ponent 2
Chair: Goran Stipcich
CoChair: Jesús María Blanco
A Vertex-Based High-Order Finite-Volume scheme for three-dimensional compressible flows on tetrahedral mesh
Marc Charest, Thomas Canfield, Nathaniel Morgan, Jacob Waltz and John Wohlbier

Flow decomposition analysis of the aeroacoustic wall pressure generated by automobile side mirror
Sarah Julisson, Eric Gaudard, Régis Marchiano and Philippe Druault

Effect of upstream flow conditions on acoustic feedback-loop interactions in transitional airfoils
Vladimir Golubev, Lap Nguyen, Michel Roger, Reda Mankbadi and Sam Salehian

An always accurate and sometimes exact discretization of the convection-diffusion equation in 1D and 2D
Antonio Pascau and Francisco Alcrudo

Numerical simulation of one-dimensional flow in elastic and viscoelastic branching tube
Ivan Korade, Zdravko Virag and Mario Šavar

Investigation of heat and mass transfer processes and phase transformation in motion of water droplets through high-temperature gas area
Roman S. Volkov, Geniy V. Kuznetsov and Pavel A. Strizhak