23/7/14    14:00 - 16:00
Advanced Numerical Methods I
Room: Tramuntana 2
Chair: Manuel Casteleiro
A dissipation-based state update algorithm for isotropic elasto-plastic hardening materials
Nicola A. Nodargi, Edoardo Artioli, Federica Caselli and Paolo Bisegna

Computational assessment of reduction methods IN FE-based frequency-response analysis
Frank Ihlenburg, Robert Möllenhoff and Martin Wandel

Aeroelastic analysis of spherical shells
Aouni Lakis, Mohamed Menna and Mohammad Toorani

Numerical algorithms for plasticity models with nonlinear kinematic hardening
Fabio De Angelis and Robert L. Taylor

Stress formulation of complex variable boundary integral equation for solving torsion problems
Jia-Wei Lee and Jeng-Tzong Chen

Nonlinear Kirchhoff-love shells: Theory and numerical assessment using tuba finite elements
Vladimir Ivannikov, Carlos Tiago and Paulo M. Pimenta