21/7/14    14:00 - 16:00
Multi-scale and Multi-physics Computations in Fluids and Solids II
Minisymposium organized by Yozo Mikata and Glaucio Paulino
Room: Sala E3
Chair: Yozo Mikata
CoChair: Seiichi Nomura
Multiscale and multiphase approach for solidification processes
Lukas Moj, Tim Ricken and Ingo Steinbach

Coupling lattice Boltzmann and atomistic models for fluids
Oleg Khromov, Wenzhe Shan and Udo Nackenhorst

Modelling of fluid, particle and structure interactions in a tumbling ball mill for grinding of minerals
Pär Jonsén, Hans-Ĺke Häggblad and Bertil I. Pĺlsson

A homogenization approach to fresch concrete flow through reinforcing bars
Filip Kolařík, Jan Zeman and Bořek Patzák

Numerical simulation of transpiration cooling with a mixture of thermally perfect gases
Wolfgang Dahmen, Valentina Gerber, Thomas Gotzen, Siegfried Müller, Michael Rom and Christian Windisch

Numerical study of temperature and streamfuction patterns before full convection in geothermal cells of Bénard type
Manuel Cánovas Vidal, Ivan Alhama, Emilio Trigueros and Francisco Alhama