23/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Microstructural Based Constitutive Models in Hard and Soft Matter Materials IV
Minisymposium organized by Christian Miehe, Samuel Forest and Christian Linder
Room: Sala de prensa II
Chair: Christian Linder
CoChair: Samuel Forest
Coarse-graining homogenization of heterogeneous media with non-separated scales (Keynote Lecture)
Julien Yvonnet and Guy Bonnet

A potential-based constitutive interface model for application in reduced order nonlinear homogenization
Matthias Leuschner and Felix Fritzen

Experimental characterization and modelling of rubberlike materials hyperelastic behavior with damage
Yannick Merckel, Jean-François Witz, Julie Diani, Pauline Lecomte and Mathias Brieu

Modeling of spherulite microstructures in semicrystalline polymers
Hasan E. Oktay and Ercan Gürses

Finite element simulation of inelastic and viscoelastic effects using a microstructure based model for filled elastomers
Rathan Raghunath, Daniel Juhre and Manfred Klüppel

A finite element method for the prediction of compressive strength of lightweight concrete
Etienne Malachanne, Rita Sassine and Eric Garcia-Diaz