25/7/14    09:00 - 11:00
Reduced Basis, POD and PGD Model Reduction Techniques V
Minisymposium organized by Francisco Chinesta, Elias Cueto, Pierre Ladevèze and Hermann Matthies
Room: Sala H 2
Chair: Francisco Chinesta
CoChair: Elias Cueto
Towards a parametrised non linear and transient model of the Automated Fibre Placement
Nicolas Bur, Saeid Aghighi, Pierre Joyot, Francisco Chinesta and Pierre Villon

Structure optimization using PGD-based computational vademecum
Chady Ghnatios, Daniel Boulze, Béatrice Carles, Damien Sireude, Felipe Bordeu, Adrien Leygue and Francisco Chinesta

Study of model order reduction based on POD for nonlinear dynamic response structural optimization
Euiyoung Kim, Seongmin Chang and Maenghyo Cho

Extraction of proper orthogonal decomposition modes for optimal aerodynamic shape design
Valentina Dolci, Gabriele Lucherini, Andrea Iob and Renzo Arina

On a hierarchical model reduction algorithm for elastic multi-structures
Gia A. Avalishvili, Mariam A. Avalishvili and David G. Gordeziani