22/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Advances in Computational Methods for Inverse Problems IV
Minisymposium organized by Paul E. Barbone, Dan Givoli and Assad Oberai
Room: Mare Nostrum F
Chair: Dan Givoli
Big data meets big models: Large-scale Bayesian inference, with application to inverse modeling of Antarctic ice sheet dynamics (Keynote Lecture)
Omar Ghattas, Tobin Isaac, James Martin, Noemi Petra and Georg Stadler

On the parameter identification of visco-hyperelastic material models for adhesive tapes
Nils Hendrik Kröger and Daniel Juhre

Estimation of temperature distribution on inner surface from outer surface temperature using mathematical analysis-based inverse analysis
Shiro Kubo and Seiji Ioka

An error in constitutive equation approach for frequency-domain viscoelasticity imaging using interior data
Manuel I. Diaz and Wilkins Aquino

Rational selection of experimental data for inverse structural problems
Corrado Chisari, Lorenzo Macorini, Claudio Amadio and Bassam A. Izzuddin

Nonlinear feedback control of tethered satellite systems by symplectic conservative approach
Haijun Peng, Xin Jiang and Biaosong Chen