25/7/14    09:00 - 11:00
Advances in Smart Materials, Systems and Analyses for Civil Infrastructure I
Minisymposium organized by H.K. Lee, Jung-Wuk Hong and Hyung-Jo Jung
Room: Sala C2
Chair: Jung-Wuk Hong
Analysis of laser-generated guided waves in plate structures (Keynote Lecture)
Jae-Wook Jung, Hyeong Uk Lim and Jung-Wuk Hong

Study of energy harvesting from traffic-induced bridge vibrations
Dominique Siegert and Michael Peigney

Prediction of viscoelastic behaviour of nanoparticle-reinforced polymer composites by multiscale analysis
Beom-Joo Yang and Haeng-Ki Lee

An EnKF approach for structural health monitoring of reinforced concrete structures under corrosion
Wael G. Slika and George A. Saad

Dynamic response of railway tracks in tunnel
Tien Hoang, Denis Duhamel, Gilles Foret, Hai-Ping Yin, Patrick Joyez and Raphael Caby

ANOVA of seismic responses for isolated structures
Seung Hyun Eem and Hyung Jo Jung