22/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Computational Contact Mechanics IV
Minisymposium organized by Tod Laursen, Peter Wriggers and Giorgio Zavarise
Room: Sala F
Chair: Peter Wriggers
A conjugate gradient based method for frictional contact problems
Jing Zhao, Edwin.A.H. Vollebregt and Cornelis. W. Oosterlee

A modified perturbed Lagrangian formulation for contact problems
Manuel Tur, José Albelda, Juan J. Ródenas and José M. Navarro-Jiménez

An accurate and robust contact resolution algorithm for finite-discrete element modelling
Hu Chen, Y.X. Zhang, Mengyan Zang and Paul J. Hazell

A new direct elimination algorithm for quasi-static and dynamic contact problems
Daniel Di Capua and Carlos Agelet de Saracibar

Interior point method based contact algorithm for structural analysis of electronic device models
Kazuhisa Inagaki, Gaku Hashimoto and Hiroshi Okuda

Surface-to-surface penalty contact for quadratic elements
Guido D. Dhondt, Jaro Hokkanen and Hans-Peter Hackenberg