21/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Numerical Methods for Wave Propagation Problems and Design Applications I
Minisymposium organized by Kazuhiko Abe and Toshiro Matsumoto
Room: Sala D6
Chair: Kazuhisa Abe
CoChair: Alessandra Aimi
Calculations of eigenfrequencies of 2D elastic finite periodic structures using boundary element method
Haifeng Gao, Toshiro Matsumoto, Hiroshi Isakari and Toru Takahashi

Simulation of guided waves in solids using the Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method
Hauke Gravenkamp, Carolin Birk and Chongmin Song

Numerical analysis of the damped wave equation by ’’energetic‘‘ weak formulations
Alessandra Aimi, Mauro Diligenti, Chiara Guardasoni and Stefano Panizzi

Bloch theorem with revised boundary conditions applied to glide plane and screw axis symmetric, quasi-one-dimensional structures
Florian P. R. Maurin and Alessandro Spadoni

SH wave scattering problems for multiple layered anisotropic inclusions
Jung-ki Lee

Shear wave propagation modeling in magnetic resonance elastography using the local interaction simulation approach
Zahra Hashemiyan, Pawel Packo, Wieslaw J. Staszewski and Tadeusz Uhl