21/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Multiscale Methods and Applications in Computational Mechanics III
Minisymposium organized by Weiqing Ren and Yang Xiang
Room: Terral
Chair: Yang Xiang
Quantized vortex stability and dynamics in superfluidity and superconductivity
Weizhu Bao

Computation of saddle point and its application on nucleation
Lei Zhang, Qiang Du and Zhenzhen Zheng

The string method for the study of complex energy landscapes and rare events
Weiqing Ren

Weakly nonlinear analysis of shallow mixing layers with variable friction
Irina Eglite, Andrei Kolyshkin and Mohamed Ghidaoui

Capturing aerosol droplet nucleation and condensation bursts using PISO and TVD schemes
Edo M.A. Frederix, Arkadiusz K. Kuczaj, Markus Nordlund and Bernard J. Geurts

Bridging multi-scale method to consider the effects of local deformations in the analysis of composite thin-walled members
R. Emre Erkmen and Ashkan Afnani

Full C1 continuity multiscale second-order computational homogenization approach
Tomislav Lesičar, Zdenko Tonković and Jurica Sorić