24/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
What Meshfree Particle Methods Can Do that Traditional FEA Cannot I
Minisymposium organized by J. S. Chen, Sheng-Wei Chi, Kent Danielson, Wing Kam Liu and M. Jason Roth
Room: Sala D4
Chair: J. S. Chen
CoChair: Cheng-Tang Wu
A meshfree unification: reproducing kernel peridynamics (Keynote Lecture)
Miguel A. Bessa, John T. Foster, Ted Belytschko and Wing Kam Liu

Further development of the combined particle-element method for high-velocity impact
Gordon R. Johnson and Stephen R. Beissel

Consistency-based coupling of isogeometric and meshfree approximations
Dongdong Wang and Hanjie Zhang

A nonlocal poroelastic approach to fluid driven fracture
John T. Foster, Jason York, Mukul Sharma, Amit Katiyar and Hisanao Ouchi

Level-Set Enhanced Frictional Kernel Contact Algorithm for Impact and Penetration Modelling
Sheng-Wei Chi, Chung-Hao Lee, Shih-Po Lin and J. S. Chen

Variationally consistent integration for meshfree and isogeometric analysis
J. S. Chen and Michael Hillman