24/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
New Trends in Topology Optimization II
Minisymposium organized by Glaucio Paulino, Emilio Silva and Kurt Maute
Room: Sala F
Chair: Emilio Carlos Nelli Silva
CoChair: Oded Amir
Application of second-order algorithms to topology optimization problems (Keynote Lecture)
Miguel A. Aguilo

Benchmarking optimization methods for structural topology optimization problems
Susana Rojas-Labanda and Mathias Stolpe

Level set topology optimization based on sequential linear programming
Peter D. Dunning and H. Alicia Kim

Multiobjective topology optimization of cellular materials
Josephine V. Carstensen, Reza Lofti and James K. Guest

Topology optimization for heat transfer problems with multiple materials
Carla T. M. Anflor, Éder L. Albuquerque and Luiz. C. Wrobel

Topology optimization including buoyancy inequality constraints
Renato Picelli, Ronald van Dijk, William M. Vicente, Renato Pavanello, Matthijs Langelaar and Fred van Keulen

On the optimization of adsorption systems
Ricardo C. R. Amigo, Robert W. Hewson and Emílio C.N. Silva