23/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Computational Modelling of Material Forming Processes II
Minisymposium organized by Carlos Agelet de Saracibar and Robertt Valente
Room: Sala D2
Chair: Robertt Valente
CoChair: Carlos Agelet de Saracibar
Numerical simulation of the forming limit curves of a heat treated AA110-H14 aluminium alloy sheet using an efficient implementation of a VPSC based MK model (Keynote Lecture)
Alicia I. Durán, Javier W. Signorelli, Diego J. Celentano, Marcela A. Cruchaga and Manuel Francois

Finite element analysis of incremental sheet metal forming with successive tool paths for use in prototype manufacturing of car body components
M. Emin Tamer, Omer Music, Izzet Ozdemir, Besim Baranoğlu, Ali Sakin and İsmail Durgun

Typology analysis for the optimisation of a stamping process
Morad Lakhssassi and Salim Bouabdallah

Modelling of Thermoplastic PolyOlefin (TPO) sheets for thermoforming applications
Zied Oueslati, Mohamed Rachik and Marie-France Lacrampe

A fully implicit Log-Conformation formulation
Philipp Knechtges, Stefanie Elgeti and Marek Behr

Simulation of forming, welding and heat treatment of an alloy 718 component
Joachim Steffenburg-Nordenström and Mats Larsson