22/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
New Trends in Numerical Methods for Multi-material Compressible Fluid Flows II
Minisymposium organized by Raphael Loubčre, Pierre-Henri Maire and Andrew Barlow
Room: Llevant
Chair: Pierre-Henri Maire
CoChair: Tzanio Kolev
Further developments of an interface-aware subscale dynamics closure model for multimaterial cells
Andrew J. Barlow, Ryan Hill and Mikhail Shashkov

Triangular metric-based mesh adaptation for compressible multi-material flows in semi-Lagrangian coordinates
Stephane Del Pino and Isabelle Marmajou

Symmetry preservation and volume consistency in an R-Z staggered scheme
Pavel Váchal and Burton Wendroff

Modeling non-equilibrium two-phase flow in elastic-plastic porous solids
Igor Menshov and Alexey Serezhkin

Isotropic properties of Lax-Wendroff methods, with application to Lagrangian hydrocodes
Tyler B. Lung and Philip L. Roe

2D high-order remapping using mood paradigms
Raphael Loubčre, Milan Kucharik and Steven Diot