24/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Computational Multiscale Methods for Tissue Biomechanics II
Minisymposium organized by Michele Marino, Ginu U. Unnikrishnan and Giuseppe Vairo
Room: Mare Nostrum A
Chair: Fulvia Taddei
CoChair: Rosaire Mongrain
Stiffness versus prestress relationship at subcellular length scale: Insight into cytoskeletal contributions to cell mechanical properties (Keynote Lecture)
Elizabeth P. Canovic, D. Thomas Seidl, Paul E. Barbone, Michael L. Smith and Dimitrije Stamenovic

Supra-physiological loading of fibrous soft tissues: Multi-scale mechanics and constitutive modeling
Vu Ngoc Khiêm, Kevin Linka and Mikhail Itskov

Damage in collagen-rich biological tissues: A multiscale modeling approach
Michele Marino and Giuseppe Vairo

Multiscale modelling of the activation pattern of NF - KAPPA B in skin after mechanical stretch
Kumar Mithraratne and Vickie B. Shim

Biomechanics of chiasmal compression: sensitivity of the mechanical behaviours of nerve fibres to variations in material property and geometry
Xiaofei Wang, Andrew Neely, Gawn McIlwaine and Christian Lueck

Efficient numerical simulation of periodontal ligament
Marco Favino, Rolf Krause and Christoph Bourauel

Numerical and experimental microshear test for TiN nanocoating deposited on polymer
Magdalena Kopernik and Andrzej Milenin