25/7/14    09:00 - 11:00
Special Session: Credibility of Computational Solid Mechanics Models I
Minisymposium organized by George Lampeas, Eann Patterson and Thorsten Siebert
Room: Sala de Reservas
Chair: Eann Patterson
CoChair: George Lampeas
An image decomposition approach to validation
Erwin Hack and Eann A. Patterson

Computational model validation of structural components by full-field optical measurements
George Lampeas and Vasilis Pasialis

Correlation and validation of numerical simulation and test in the space industry
Alexander Ihle and Olaf Reichmann

Validation of composite joint coupon models using full-field optical measurement techniques
Nikolaos Perogamvros, Thorsten Siebert and George Lampeas

Validation of a non-linear contact mechanics problem
Luis Felipe-Sese, Wenran Gong, Xiaoshan Lin and Eann A. Patterson

Validation of Mode Shapes of car bonnet by High Speed Digital Image Correlation
Thorsten Siebert, Weizhuo Wang, John Mottershead and Andrea Pipino