22/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Current Challenges in Cohesive-zone Models I
Minisymposium organized by Albert Turon, Giulio Alfano and Bent F. Sørensen
Room: Mare Nostrum F
Chair: Bent F. Sørensen
A rate-dependent cohesive-zone model simulating stick-slip crack propagation
Giulio Alfano and Marco Musto

An efficient approach to study multi-layered structures with cohesive interfaces
Roberta Massabò

Derivation of cohesive-zone models accounting for friction and dilatancy
Roberto Serpieri, Elio Sacco and Giulio Alfano

Cohesive Zone Models for Mixed Mode Fracture
Patrick McGarry and Guillaume Parry

Analytical development and numerical simulation of cohesive crack initiation and propagation coupled with plasticity
Tuan-Hiep Pham, Jérôme Laverne and Jean-Jacques Marigo

Mixed implicit and explict formulation and domain decomposition method of contact dynamics
Raphaël Monod, Frédéric Dubois and Frédéric Pérales