23/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Reduced Order Models in Vibroacoustics I
Minisymposium organized by Gerhard Müller, Jean-Francois Deü, Martin Buchschmid and Antoine Legay
Room: Sala E6
Chair: Gerhard Müller
CoChair: Jean-François Deü
Model reduction method for the computation of a low frequency random vibro-acoustic response (Keynote Lecture)
Mathilde Chevreuil, Cédric Leblond, Anthony Nouy and Jean-François Sigrist

Application of the PEDEM to the evaluation of radiated acoustic power
Sergio De Rosa, Francesco Franco and Elena Ciappi

Sound radiation of light-weight slabs and modeling aspects for suspended ceilings
Mathias Kohrmann, Martin Buchschmid, Gerhard Müller and Ulrich Schanda

Review of reduction methods based on modal projection for highly damped structures
Lucie Rouleau, Jean-François Deü and Antoine Legay

Discontinuous Galerkin Methods with plane waves for the Biot theory
Olivier Dazel and Gwenaël Gabard

Modal based reduction of structural-acoustic problems using XFEM
Antoine Legay