21/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Modeling and Analysis of FGM Structures I
Minisymposium organized by Justin Murin, Stephan Kugler and Mehdi Aminbaghai
Room: Sala C3
Chair: Justin Murin
CoChair: Stephan Kugler
A new 3D FGM Beam finite element for modal analysis (Keynote Lecture)
Justin Murin, Mehdi Aminbaghai, Juraj Hrabovsky, Vladimir Kutis, Juraj Paulech and Stephan Kugler

Thermal conduction in FGM and MLC shell structures
Stephan Kugler, Peter A. Fotiu and Justin Murin

Homogenization of material properties of the FGM beam and shell finite elements
Justin Murin, Stephan Kugler, Mehdi Aminbaghai, Juraj Hrabovsky, Vladimir Kutis and Juraj Paulech

Finite beam element with piezoelectric layers and functionally graded material of core
Vladimir Kutis, Justin Murin, Juraj Paulech and Juraj Hrabovsky

Creep buckling of viscoelastic functionally graded members under eccentric axial compression
Ehab Hamed