21/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Advanced Gridding and Discretization Techniques for Petroleum Reservoir Simulation I
Minisymposium organized by Paulo R.M. Lyra, Darlan K.E. Carvalho, Michael G. Edwards, Clovis R. Maliska and Régis K. Romeu
Room: Sala D4
Chair: Paulo Lyra
CoChair: Michael Edwards
Coupling flow and geomechanics with fractures in porous media (Keynote Lecture)
Mary F. Wheeler

A comparison of three discretization methods for the simulation of highly anisotropic reservoirs with tetrahedral grids
Fernando S. V. Hurtado, Clovis R. Maliska and Gustavo G. Ribeiro

A very higher order cell centered finite volume scheme for the simulation of oil-water displacements in petroleum reservoirs
Márcio R. A. Souza, Alessandro R. E. Antunes, Paulo R. M. Lyra and Darlan K. E. Carvalho

A Higher-Order Multidimensional Upstream Scheme for the Simulation of Two-Phase Flows in Porous Media
Paulo R. M. Lyra, Márcio R. A. Souza, Fernando R. L. Contreras and Darlan K. E. Carvalho

Discontinuous finite element formulations for miscible viscous fingering problems
Yoisell R. Nunez, Cristiane O. Faria, Abimael F.D. Loula and Sandra M.C. Malta

Black oil reservoir simulation using monotone non-linear finite volume method on polyhedral meshes
Serguei Maliassov and Bret Beckner