24/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Bio, Nano and Micro Mechanics and Materials I
Minisymposium organized by Zhen Chen, H. Eliot Fang, Luming Shen, Hongwu Zhang and Zhuo Zhuang
Room: Terral
Chair: Zhen Chen
CoChair: Teng Li
Investigation on dislocation-based plasticity in submicron scale single crystals (Keynote Lecture)
Zhuo Zhuang, Zhanli Liu, Yinan Cui, Jianqiao Hu and Peng Lin

Atomistic study of plastic deformation in defective nanotwinned copper
Yonggang Zheng, Yifei Fu, Hongwu Zhang and Hongfei Ye

A new superposition model and its application on indentation crystal plasticity
Jianqiao Hu, Zhanli Liu, Yinan Cui and Zhuo Zhuang

Controllable Mechanical Property and Deformation Response of Water-Filled Carbon Nanotubes under Electric Field
Hongfei Ye, Hongwu Zhang, Zhen Chen, Zhi Zong, Zhongqiang Zhang and Yonggang Zheng

A centroidal Voronoi tessellation based approach of creating grain morphology for crystal plasticity finite element simulations
Ling Li, Luming Shen and Gwnalle Proust

An analytical mechanics model for the island-bridge structure of stretchable electronics
Rui Li, Ming Li, Yewang Su, Jizhou Song and Xiaoqin Ni