23/7/14    14:00 - 16:00
Industrial Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Related Techniques VII
Room: Ponent 1
Chair: Ignasi Colominas
Numerical Investigation of Electrically Excited RTI Using ISPH Method
Amin Rahmat, Nima Tofighi and Mehmet Yildiz

Steady rise of a deformable bubble in an elasto-viscoplastic fluid
Eleftheria Michalaki, Michalis Pavlidis, Yannis Dimakopoulos and John Tsamopoulos

Parallel computing of icing on three-dimensional airfoils
Dorian Pena, Yannick Hoarau and Eric Laurendeau

Direct Monte Carlo simulation of a rarefied ionized flow about a reentry vehicle
Alexander Shevyrin and Yevgeniy Bondar

Modelling squeeze flow of viscous polymer melts
Tristan J. Shelley, Xiaolin Liu, Martin Veidt, Michael Heitzmann and Rowan Paton

Computer modelling of operation of the conductive MHD centrifugal pump
Savelii Katsnelson and Georgiy A. Pozdnyakov