23/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Industrial Applications of Computational Solid Mechanics and Related Techniques I
Room: Ponent 2
Chair: Antonio Rodriguez-Ferran
Study on Improvement of Passive Cooling in Distribution Transformers
Krzysztof Kasza and Lukasz Matysiak

Controlling eutrophication in a moving domain
Lino J. Alvarez-Vázquez, Francisco J. Fernández and Aurea Martínez

The prediction of plastic damage degree of stiffened cylindrical shell considering of hydrostatic pressure
Xiongliang Yao, Di Yang, Jun Wang and Wei Wang

Analysis of local property within masonry panels using cellular automata
Yu Zhang, Jingming Zhang, Yanxia Huang and Guangchun Zhou

Coupled thermomechanical computation method for virtual design processes of brake discs
Frank Jungwirth, Arne Dornheim and Christoph Friedrich

SAPNOLM – A software package for landslide analysis
Shuli Sun, Pu Chen, Xiangrong Fu, Kefu Huang, Qiguo Rong, Jie Sui, Qi Song, Xianrong Wang, Nelson Lafontaine, Eugenio Oñate and Mingwu Yuan