24/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Microstructures and Material Instabilities II
Minisymposium organized by Benjamin Klusemann, Tuncay Yalcinkaya, Swantje Bargmann and Dierk Raabe
Room: Ponent 1
Chair: Tuncay Yalcinkaya
Polycrystalline modeling of the Portevin-Le Chatelier effect (Keynote Lecture)
Matthieu Mazière

Analysis and modeling of deformation mechanism in sub-micron sized metallic glasses
Benjamin Klusemann and Swantje Bargmann

Modelling mechanical behaviour of aluminium foam under compressive loading using representative volume element method
Chengjun Liu and Y.X. Zhang

Three-dimensional dendritic morphology and branching mechanism in directionally solidified Mg-Zn alloy
Sansan Shuai, Mingyue Wang, Enyu Guo, Tao Jing and Baicheng Liu

Finite element modeling of zirconium-based alloys oxidation
Guillaume Zumpicchiat, Serge Pascal, Marc Tupin and Clotilde Berdin

Evaluation of DEM mixing models using the maximum entropy concept
Stefan Zigan, Andrew Adekunle , Ali Ghaderi and Tom A.H. Simons