22/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Multiscale Methods and Applications in Computational Mechanics IV
Minisymposium organized by Weiqing Ren and Yang Xiang
Room: Terral
Chair: Yang Xiang
Extending the multiscale arlequin framework to coupling of models in dynamic regime
Khalil Abben and Hachmi Ben-Dhia

Multiscale method using static and transient subscales to solve transport flow problems
Lucia Catabriga, Andrea M.P. Valli, Regina C. Almeida and Isaac P. Santos

A multi-scale approach for estimation of real contact area and frictional behaviour of rubber sliding on rough surfaces
Hagen Lind and Matthias Wangenheim

Local stress calculations: Importance of force decomposition
Alejandro Torres Sánchez, Juan M. Vanegas and Marino Arroyo

Lattice Boltzmann method as a fine scale solver in multiscale method modeling surface texture
Michał Dzikowski and Jacek Rokicki

Macro and micro residual stresses in Zirconium oxide layers
Serge Pascal, Clotilde Berdin and Zhao Yue Zao