21/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Multiscale Computational Mechanics of Materials III
Minisymposium organized by Wing Kam Liu, Shaofan Li and Franck Vernerey
Room: Sala B1
Chair: Shaofan Li
A numerical investigation on the heterogeneous and anisotropic mechanical behaviour of AISI H11 steel using various stress-strain formulations: A multi-scale approach
Ahmed Zouaghi, Vincent Velay, Adriana Soveja and Farhad Rézaï-Aria

Boundary effect on the elastic field and effective elasticity of a semi-infinite solid containing particles
Yingjie Liu and Huiming Yin

Prediction of Material Behavior for LENS Manufactured Products
Jacob Smith, Zeliang Liu, Nirmal Muralidharam, Jian Cao and Wing Kam Liu

Phase transformation and fracture during lithiation in LiFePO4 electrodes
Devin T. O‘Connor, Peter W. Voorhees and Wing Kam Liu

A comparison of approaches to model anisotropy evolution in pearlitic steel
Magnus Ekh, Nasim Larijani and Erik Lindfeldt

Finite Element Analysis on hot deformation behavior of TiC-Particle-Reinforced Titanium Matrix Composite
Weidong Song, Huiping Tang and Xiaonan Mao

Active soft matter model for simulations of cellular mechanotransduction and cell motility
Shaofan Li and Houfu Fan