21/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Potential-flow and Viscous-flow Simulations of Interfacial Flows, Waves and Free-surface Turbulence I
Minisymposium organized by Lian Shen, Yuming Liu and Dick K.P. Yue
Room: Tramuntana 2
Chair: Lian Shen
Pulse ejector parameters optimization on the base of mathematical modeling
Francheska A. Slobodkina and Alexey V. Obukhov

Solutal Marangoni instability in finite and infinite binary alloy systems with a miscibility gap
Fei Wang and Britta Nestler

Study of nonlinear free-surface spike induced by bubble
A-man Zhang, Shuai Li and Xiong-liang Yao

On the dynamics of interfacial instability in vertical counter-current gas/liquid flows
Patrick Schmidt, Lennon Ó Náraigh, Prashant Valluri and Mathieu Lucquiaud

Numerical simulation of a shock accelerated heavy gas cylinder
Bing Wang, Tao Wang and Jin-song Bai

Numerical study of the spatial flow of abnormally viscous fluid in the extrusion mixer screw channel
Sergey V. Ershov, Natalia M. Trufanova and Aleksey G. Shcherbinin