25/7/14    09:00 - 11:00
Bio, Nano and Micro Mechanics and Materials III
Minisymposium organized by Zhen Chen, H. Eliot Fang, Luming Shen, Hongwu Zhang and Zhuo Zhuang
Room: Terral
Chair: Teng Li
CoChair: Zhen Chen
Multi-Scale Modeling of Cementitious Materials (Keynote Lecture)
Ram Mohan, Arunachalam Rajendran and Wayne Hodo

Investigation of single arm source controlled plastic flow in FCC micropillar by discrete dislocation dynamic and theoretical analysis
Yinan Cui, Peng Lin, Zhanli Liu and Zhuo Zhuang

Predicting the mechanical properties of DNA-based nanostructures
Youngjoo Kim and Do-Nyun Kim

The role of GNDs in Bauschinger effect of thin films
Peng Lin, Zhanli Liu and Zhuo Zhuang

Rupture mechanism for thin shells based on ultrasound activation for subcutaneous controlled drug delivery systems
Sebastián M. Curi, David Veysset, Roni Cantor Balan, Steven E. Kooi, Keith A. Nelson, Noel M. Elman and Sebastián D‘hers

Normal mode based description of HET-s prion fibrils conformational change via pH variation
Jae In Kim, Hyunsung Choi, Hyunjoon Chang, Gwonchan Yoon and Sungsoo Na