23/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Computational Contact Mechanics VIII
Minisymposium organized by Tod Laursen, Peter Wriggers and Giorgio Zavarise
Room: Sala F
Chair: Alexander Popp
Isogeometric analysis and thermomechanical mortar contact problems
Maik Dittmann and Christian Hesch

NURBS-based IGA of 3D Finite Deformation Elastoplastic Contact Problems
Kjell M. Mathisen, Knut M. Okstad, Trond Kvamsdal and Siv B. Raknes

Comparison and combination of point-based and segment-based isogeometric contact formulations
Martina Matzen and Manfred Bischoff

Conforming contact manifolds for multibody simulations
Vincent Visseq, Ulrik Bonde, Kenny Erleben and Sune Darkner

Fictitious domain and Nitsche’s method applied to contact problems in elasticity
Mathieu Fabre, Jérome Pousin and Yves Renard

Remeshing strategies for large deformation problems with contact and incompressible materials
Ziyu Zhang and John E. Dolbow

High Order Mortar Finite Element Applied to Analysis of Computational Contact Mechanics
Allan P. C. Dias, Marco L. Bittencourt and Alberto L. Serpa