22/7/14    16:30 - 18:30
Multiscale Computational Homogenization for Bridging Scales in the Mechanics and Physics of Complex Materials V
Minisymposium organized by Julien Yvonnet, Kenjiro Terada, Peter Wriggers and Marc Geers
Room: Sala H 3
Chair: Régis Cottereau
CoChair: Felix Fritzen
Modeling and designing doubly porous materials: An approach by homogenization
Hai-Bang Ly, Vincent Monchiet and Daniel Grande

Energy Bounds for Homogenization of Stokes‘ Equations Using Periodic Boundary Conditions
Carl Sandström and Fredrik Larsson

Stochastic modeling of interphase effects for nanoreinforced heterogeneous materials
Thinh Le, Johann Guilleminot and Christian Soize

A study on the hierarchical multiscale modeling on polymer nanocomposites with elastoplastic behavior
Hyunseong Shin, Seongmin Chang, Seunghwa Yang, Suyoung Yu, Junghyun Ryu and Maenghyo Cho

Multiscale modeling and molecular dynamics characterization of surface effects in polymer thin films
Fabrice Detrez, Julien Yvonnet and Qi-Chang He

A decoupled approach for computing the response of structures made of heterogeneous, random elastoplastic composites with hardening
Trung Hieu Hoang, Mohamed Guerich and Julien Yvonnet

Multi-physics modeling and simulations of thermally-assisted compaction of granular materials
Gulsad Kucuk, Marcial Gonzalez and Alberto M. Cuitiño