21/7/14    14:00 - 16:00
Multiscale Methods and Applications in Computational Mechanics II
Minisymposium organized by Weiqing Ren and Yang Xiang
Room: Terral
Chair: Weiqing Ren
A numerical study of slippery Jeffery orbits and reciprocal relations
Tiezheng Qian

A micro/macro parareal algorithm for multiscale-in-time systems
Frederic Legoll, Tony Lelievre and Giovanni Samaey

A cell based particle method for modeling dynamic interfaces
Yu Sing Hon, Shingyu Leung and Hongkai Zhao

Sharp interface model for solid-state dewetting problem with weak anisotropic surface energy
Yan Wang, Wei Jiang and Weizhu Bao

Application of our multiscale diffusion model to determination of drug distribution within tumor
Miljan Milosevic, Milos Kojic, Dejan Petrovic, Nikola Kojic, Mauro Ferrari and Arturas Ziemys

Computational modeling of multiscale flows
Temistocle Grenga and Samuel Paolucci