21/7/14    11:00 - 13:00
Advances in Computational Methods for Inverse Problems I
Minisymposium organized by Paul E. Barbone, Dan Givoli and Assad Oberai
Room: Mare Nostrum F
Chair: Dan Givoli
CoChair: Assad Oberai
An inverse source problem for focusing wave energy to subterranean formations (Keynote Lecture)
Pranav M. Karve, Chanseok Jeong and Loukas F. Kallivokas

Reconstruction of elastic moduli from noisy full-field measurements
Guillaume Bal, Cédric Bellis, Sébastien Imperiale and François Monard

Advanced computational formulations for boundary-condition free elastic modulus reconstructions from partial interior data
Olalekan A. Babaniyi, Assad A. Oberai, Michael S. Richards and Paul E. Barbone

Optimization of torsion transducer sensitivity on layered tissue
Juan Melchor, Guillermo Rus, Laura Peralta, Nicolas Bochud, Juan Chiachío, Manuel Chiachío, J. Suárez and Antonio Gómez

Mechanical characterization of abdominal muscle using stereo imaging
Raquel Simón-Allué, Antonio Agudo, José María M. Montiel, Juan M. Bellón and Begoña Calvo

Method of data completion for a cauchy problem of elastoplasticity based on minimizing an energy error functional
Thi Bach Tuyet Dang, Thouraya Nouri Baranger and Stéphane Andrieux