25/7/14    09:00 - 11:00
Computational Modeling of Multiphysics/Multiscale Coupled processes in Biological and Nanotechnological Systems II
Minisymposium organized by Giovanna Guidoboni, Roderick Melnik and Riccardo Sacco
Room: Sala de prensa I
Chair: Giovanna Guidoboni
CoChair: Riccardo Sacco
Hemodynamics simulations in the cerebral venous network: Towards the understanding of blood flow in a complex geometry (Keynote Lecture)
Vincent Chabannes, Mourad Ismail, Christophe Prud‘homme and Marcela Szopos

Retinal blood flow changes and vascular parameters and structure
Andrea Dziubek, Edmond Rusjan and William Thistleton

Theoretical analysis of the relationship between changes in retinal perfusion and tissue metabolic demand
Simone Cassani, Julia Arciero, Giovanna Guidoboni, Brent A. Siesky and Alon Harris

Mathematical modeling of bio-hybrid devices: Towards polymeric artificial retina
Matteo Porro, Sebastiano Bellani, Nicola Martino, Maria Rosa Antognazza, Maurizio Verri, Guglielmo Lanzani and Riccardo Sacco

Molecular dynamics studies of RNA nanotubes
Shyam Badu, Roderick Melnik, Maxim V. Paliy, Sanjay Prabhakar, Ali Sebetci and Bruce A. Shapiro

A two-layer model for drug delivery from a transdermal patch
Giuseppe Pontrelli

A mathematical model for an affinity-based drug delivery system
Martin Meere and Tuoi Vo